Studying for finals in the library...Help!

I have a final tomorrow and I'm basically camping out in the library for the day. I brought a Zone Perfect Bar and an orange cause I didn't take the time to pack lunch or dinner. I know by dinner time I'll be starving and there's a starbucks downstairs......What can I get that is relatively "healthy" for Starbucks standards?! I will be so tempted to get a pumpkin scone...


  • DrBorkBork
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    why not just live off of protein bars & fruit for the day? I think it's healthier than starbucks!
  • beethedreamer
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    if you HAVE to get something from starbucks, you can get the chicken on flatbread with hummus (250 calories, 17 grams of protein) or the protein snack plate (370 calories, 13 grams of protein). sometimes they also have a farmer's market salad or even a fruit salad that is low in calories but will fill you up. just stay away from the baked goods and go for whatever they have in the refrigerated case that doesn't look too bad.
  • egam
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    the loaf slices usually have less calories because they are smaller than the scones and the muffins. And watch out for the reduced fat items. If you are concerned with fat content they're okay but they are really high calorie. Good Luck on your finals! I'm sure you'll ace them!
  • whyflysouth
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    There's not much that's healthy at starbucks. With that said, if you're studying all day you're probably not going eat very much anyways, so even if you ate some of the fattening stuff there, you'll probably still be under cals for the day in total. What I'd do is give myself a free day b/c the focus is on studying but I'd make it up to myself tomorrow by incorporating extra exercise and eating extra healthy then. That's what I did on Thanksgiving and it balanced out such that I was able to keep from gaining weight while still eating quite a lot.
  • stephnsuarez
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    Thanks guys! I would live off my zone bar and orange but it's only 2 pm here and I'm most likely staying here for another 12 hours :( I will definitely look out for the hummus plate! Thanks so much you all :)
  • kappyblu
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    Starbucks should have a website with their nutrition information. Check it out and decide on the healthiest option that sounds good to you. Good luck on your finals! I have two this coming week myself! :-)
  • AggieCass09
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    I'm studying at Starbucks right now...they have some sandwiches that have around 300 calories depending on what kind of sandwich you like! Also the skinnny vanilla lattes (tall) only have 90 calories..not quite the same as a pumpkin spice but its still yummy! Good luck studying for finals...I know how much it sucks but I'll be over soon enough!