Accountability is the key!

I am a 33year old wife and mother of two boys. I have lost 50#'s and did so counting cals. For the past 5 months I switched over to intutave(sp?) eating. It worked to keep my weight steady +/- 5#'s.

Well now I have a goal of building muscle. This means I need a slight surpluses and I don't know what that feels like. I have found myself going off the deep end with carbs (donuts,pancakes, muffins) for breakfast with no protein or fiber in sight.

It is time for me to track the hard numbers so I can't tell myself I'm doing it right. I need it in black and white, and a few friends wouldn't hurt either.:flowerforyou:


  • Search out the groups here, stronglifts for women for example:
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    Search out the groups here, stronglifts for women for example:
    i appreciate that. I have done 5x5 and after a while (read 8months) it kinda became stale. I now do a PPL workout and an abs and shoulder day. I like it because I can adjust the lifts every 6-8weeks which keeps me form zoning out on my workout.

    I think what I really need is to find my correct diet zone to accomplish my goals.

    I just need to figure the correct carbs for me. I tend to go crazy with them if I don't either keep them low(sub 100) or track them so I know when I have hit my limit.
  • Another helpful tool is this group:

    If after you have made your adjustments, they don't seem to be working. Lots of good reference material there as well. Or if you have logs/data send in a request for someone to give some feedback for minor adjustments to your macros.
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    Thank you! Unfortunately I haven't felt an accurate log in months. I think I'll need to be here for at least 4-6weeks before I have the data to offer someone and get an educated response. I just gotta be consistent. It sucks starting from scratch!
  • It does indeed.. Best of accountability to you. No luck needed.