Overnight, my office sprouted candy jars.

Every one of the candy jars is a decorative apothecary jar filled to its cutely-knobbled little top with candy. And every jar has a sign by it saying something like "Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays!" or "Having a nutty day?" have a snack!"

And the candies are not just throwaway Halloween candies like Sweetarts and Jolly Ranchers. Oh no. There are Hershey Nuggets with almonds. There are mini Reese's Cups. There are friggin' GOO GOO CLUSTERS stacked to the TOP of gorgeous APOTHECARY JARS with little CHALKBOARDS by them with little encouraging MESSAGES that have SMILEY FACES.

The curvy-sided, diamond-topped jar with gold-wrapped almond nuggets is visible from my cube door.

Does anyone have any Oxycontin?


  • RekindledRose
    RekindledRose Posts: 523 Member
    LOL! Just think of it as POISON. It's poison. Very tasty poison... but fat pills nonetheless.

    That being said, IIFYM.... ha ha! Good luck this holiday season. Just put on the blinders and sip some tea. It will be okay and you won't put on that 10-15 pounds that comes with this time of year.