Hi. New here and trying to get fit....


  • roundy22
    roundy22 Posts: 15 Member
    Hey i'm pretty new here too and would like to get fit as well! Add me if you would like to :)
  • tomjinca
    tomjinca Posts: 23 Member
    Not new but looking for friends. Still have that pesky 20 to lose (used to be 10).

    Have a Blessed Day!
  • BehindtheMic
    BehindtheMic Posts: 1,741 Member
    Welcome to the MFP party!
  • snewlen
    snewlen Posts: 1
    Hi! I've been on Fitness Pal for a little over a year now. I love it! It helps me stay motivated and focused. It makes me realize what I need to adjust to be successful.
    I would like to lose 15 to 20 more pounds though. I need some help with that one!!
  • 101sal
    101sal Posts: 43 Member
    Feel free to add me, 17kg gone 5 to go
  • ClaireyDeexx
    ClaireyDeexx Posts: 34 Member
    Welcome!! I will send you a friend request!! :D
  • theycallmearth
    theycallmearth Posts: 196 Member
    Hey, welcome to the site! I've been here a week now and have already met quite a few people who have offered some great advice and motivation.

    Good luck on your goals!
  • kathrynmelnick
    kathrynmelnick Posts: 17 Member
    Hi! Welcome to the site. I have a long battle to fight. Feel free to add me!
  • wendyjbog1
    wendyjbog1 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi! I am new to this site and I am trying to get fit and lose weight. I work in a college food service and I am the baker there. It is very challenging for me to not sample everything I make. The students have been back for a week and I have just started tracking my meals on myfitnesspal this week also. So far this week I've been doing pretty good. But my biggest weakness is the fresh bread that comes out of the oven everyday.

    I need some friends on here to keep me on the right path. How do I friend someone on here?