I can't just jog :-/

Hello all! I tried looking for answers to this dilemma but I have found none.

So whenever I try to start running, I read everywhere that the recommendation is to start off jogging as slow as you can. Well, for me I find that insanely difficult. I can walk just fine and I can full out run as fast as I can just fine but if I try to just jog I have to work at it, like I have to think about it constantly. I never can just slip into the run and get in the zone if I'm jogging.

Anybody have any suggestions? I want to get into the zone where I can just lose myself in the run but I know I have to build up to that level by jogging first and right now it's not fun doing something that I have to think about :-/


  • amnsetie
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    As long as you do some stretches you should be fine. Maybe walk a little first then go for it
    When I played soccer that was how I trained and there was no problem
    I think the advice about jogging is designed for people who are not used to running.
    You seem to be fine with running

    My coach said jogging was more likely to injure me than running due to the nature of the impact of a jogging stride against a running stride.
  • Sapporo
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    Intervals of running and walking work just fine. Your running intervals will get longer and the walking will be eliminated. Jogging isn't necessary.
  • Kathryn2759
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    Maybe you could trade off walking for a minute or two, and then running however you like for a minute or two...
  • sarafischbach9
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    If you can do faster, then you should. Of course like the other poster said, you should stretch. You will probably find that when you do your runs, you may sprint during some portions and then jog in others. Some people are just naturally faster than others.
  • toscarthearmada
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    Start a 5k running app on your phone and let the app do the thinking for you! It will also start to build your stamina and speed!
  • meshashesha2012
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    run at your your own pace

    there is no difference between jogging and running besides semantics. one was originally meant for people who ran recreationally and another for those who ran competitively or in for a sport
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    That 'having to think about it and work on it' phase is natural. It sounds like physically you can slow your pace down, but mentally your brain says "eh, might as well just walk"? If that's the case, then the only way to get through it is to force yourself to pay attention and keep that pace.

    If you don't have a good aerobic base, don't just go out and sprint. Your muscles and joints aren't conditioned to handle it.

    One other poster suggested stretching - I would caution against static stretching with cold muscles. That way lies injury. Do dynamic warmups, and stretch or foam roll after.

    Also, you can call yourself a runner. Its always "joggers" that find the bodies :smile:
  • erinlikesfood
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    The difference is mainly that you shouldn't feel like you're sprinting as hard as you can every time you try to run. Honestly, it will just take practice. Once you get more used to running, it will get easier. Have you checked out the Couch to 5k program? That's a really good method to get started running.
  • Flyer69
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    Go to the gym for a while and run on a threadmill, no thinking necessary there. Start slowly say 8.5k/h and then each week increase this with speed and distance. Once comfortable move outside and you find you run a lot faster outside.
  • tjsoccermom
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    I agree with an earlier poster about doing walking/running intervals. If that works for you then why "jog" and interval training is supposed to burn more calories anyway. Try 2 minutes walking with 1 minute running and do this for 20 minutes or as along as you can. And make sure you stretch after doing some walking to warm up and stretch afterwards as well. As you begin to get better, you can do this for longer and/or walk 1.5 minutes run 1.5 minutes, then walk 1 minute run 2 minutes, etc until you are just straight out running.
  • doctorregenerated
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    Try running with music with a slower tempo
  • Awesomers
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    I had the same issue. I began using a C25K app and learned about 4 weeks in (when I hit a challenging endurance level) that I needed to sloooooow down or else I would not be able to run for very long. My run time was sacrificed, at first, but I will be finishing C25K as of tomorrow morning and I'm running much, much farther and in less time than I originally was doing. It's worth trying, right? Good luck!
  • j4nash
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    I agree, jogging is boring.

    I like doing .25 miles walking, 1 mile @ 8mph, another .5 miles walking, 1/2 mile @ 8.5-9mph. You get the idea. I like walk/jog or sprint vs just a jog.