[news] Former VA governor and wife convicted of corruption

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I don't personally dislike former Gov. McDonnell as a person and I don't want talk about his politics in this forum. As a (skeptical) private citizen I'm surprised that they were convicted, yet as a former long-time state employee, I'm glad that this kind of abuse and hypocrisy was exposed and held accountable. :drinker:

I used to note that when I was a state employee, it was against the law for me to accept an item from any company worth more than a certain dollar figure (back then it was $10 generally, with a couple of exceptions). Even as a peon with no power (e.g. budgetary control, oversight, or influence) I could lose my job for accepting a $15 lunch and (in theory) even be charged criminally. Yet, I hear over and over again of politicians, who DO have such power, regularly accepting "honorariums", going on paid junkets AND taking their families, accepting political contributions, etc. from companies over whom they have direct oversight!

In this case, that business man directly paid for all kinds of stuff for the McDonnells' (a Rolex watch, catering for a child's wedding reception, expensive shopping trip for the First Lady, etc.) By what stretch of the imagination is that OK?!

Even if there wasn't a direct quid-pro-quo, shouldn't just the "appearance of impropriety" (term they used during my "conflict of interest" training) be enough to make this an offense?! :mad:

Sorry, but this sort of thing really grinds my gears.:explode: I'll step off of my soapbox :grumble: so I can hear your opinions.


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    I was a court clerk for a few years and we had to take an ethics class annually. They practically beat the "appearance of impropriety" into your skull.

    I think the corruption convictions are long overdue. Until politicians are held accountable and prosecuted this will continue to happen.