What's your favorite quick/easy dessert for <200 calories?

I've tried different mug cake recipes this week and I've given up. I can't get one to turn out right - yuck! I have dessert every day and I rotate between s'mores (no "healthy" alternative - just a graham cracker, 1/2 of a Hershey bar, and marshmallow cream broiled and eaten) and graham crackers with peanut butter. While those are delicious, I'd like to add more desserts to my rotation. It would be great it I could get a different one for each weekday.

I'm definitely not looking for someone I have to bake or spend an hour preparing. I just want to whip it up after dinner and eat it. That's why mug cakes seemed right up my alley. I also don't want anything with over 10 ingredients. Let's keep it simple. And, of course, 200 calories or less would be awesome. I'm up for regular desserts or "healthy" alternatives, as long as they fall into my calorie range and aren't too ridiculously high in macros. AND taste above all - it has to be delicious and satisfying.




  • Alluminati
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    A serving of ice cream or gelato.
  • twinsmomma02
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    Diet Root Beer, with 80 Calorie vanilla frozen yogurt (1/2 cup), and topping it off with lite whipped cream! This makes about a 100 calorie diet root beer float. My daughters love them!!!
  • arumping
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    I happened upon Dannon's new dessert yogurt items marketed under "The Creamery" last week. The Lemon Cheesecake is to die for and the Dark Chocolate pudding is veeerrrryyy chocolate.

    ETA: I believe they are around 160-180 cals.
  • SporkNBeans
    frozen sugar free cool whip and strawberries or any kind of berry really ;) yum
    when the coolwhip is frozen it gets a ice creamy type texture
  • DawnMcKillips
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    Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Balls

    1 cup quick oats
    1/2 cup of ground flaxseed
    2 Tbsp of Ovaltine chocolate milk powder
    1 Tbsp of cocoa powder
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/4 cup honey
    1/2 cup peanut butter

    Mix all together and form 1 inch balls. Refrigerate.
  • Reneesjourney2bfit
    Since I'm a diabetic...I can't have many desserts w/ sugar in them. I love snack pack sugar free chocolate pudding..only 70 calories, husband will even eat them...he loves them too..and it's surprising since he hates anything sugar free.

    Also love no sugar added blue bunny krutchlite ice cream bars...only 100 calories...11 carbs. You get your chocolate and ice cream fix at the same time.
  • Maleficent0241
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    Plain greek yogurt, chocolate chips, and a little bit of vanilla extract. YUM.
  • threnodies
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    If you can get a hold of avalanche sugarfree hot chocolate then that's really nice (especially with almond milk) and it's 9 calories for a tablespoon
    I like mixing it with egg whites and microwaving it as well, it sounds odd but it turns out like a custard pudding sort of texture and it's filling as well :~)
  • mygnsac
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    I don't care much for the mug cake either.

    I like yogurt mixed with berries and a couple tbs of granola, or a piece of dark chocolate with a a few raisins and nuts, strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, a serving of ice cream

    A few more...

    Avocado chocolate pudding (blend avocado with unsweetened cocoa powder, honey (or banana or whatever sweetener you like) and vanilla extract)


    fruit slushie ((this one is banana, strawberry, watermelon, milk and ice)


    Dried fruit topped with ricotta fresca, a drop of honey and a piece of pecan (this one is halved apricots and prunes)

  • RedArizona5
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    A serving of ice cream or gelato.
    *This or strawberry shortcake is awesome pure awesomeness. Im craving some strawberry shortcake very badly since the other day actually=) so i hope I will have someone the next week or two.
    *My pal on here had TOLD us that she made home made scones for hers so now I MUST, i cannot live without knowing how to make home made scones for strawberry shortcake so thats my next challenge to myself.
    *The easy way is good (Short cakes, strawberry's, whip cream, and some splashes of milk to moisten the cake)
    *note gelato is very high in calories its like 245 for a half a cup if that is all your willing to have for all that. I recommend Talento if your in the states & your grocers carry the brand in sea salt caramel.
    short cakes are about 100, strawberries idk 20, light whip cream (I get full fat for only 5 calories more & better tasting & healthier than light chemicalized whip creams) is like 10 -15 calories and some milk is like 50 or so LESS than 200 for a full serving of real dessert:)
  • 89nunu
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    Apart from mars ice cream, which is the easiest, I whip up
    12 g of angel delight (or whatever instant dessert powder you have) with 30 ml of milk and 90 g of quark.
    Makes a super creamy and yummy dessert for 120 cals. If I feel extra fancy I put in some chocolate chips or fruit and it is still under 200 cals and has lots of protein (about 12g)
  • RedArizona5
    RedArizona5 Posts: 465 Member
    Apart from mars ice cream, which is the easiest, I whip up
    12 g of angel delight (or whatever instant dessert powder you have) with 30 ml of milk and 90 g of quark.
    Makes a super creamy and yummy dessert for 120 cals. If I feel extra fancy I put in some chocolate chips or fruit and it is still under 200 cals and has lots of protein (about 12g)
    Or angel food cake store bought is really nice with some cool whip-you can color/flavor the cool whip with cut and warmed from micro wave some fresh strawberries or raspberries for an extra special feel and its near or even less than 200 a serving too. Get full fat cool whip too its so more indulgent and its literally like 20 calories more :) which for dessert 20 is like nothing when dessert is on the mind:)
  • dunnodunno
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    A serving of ice cream. Edy's has a lot of flavors that are good for around 110-170 calories per 1/2 cup serving.
  • _Zardoz_
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    A Banana can't get easier than that ;-)
  • Francl27
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    Honestly that's why I have ice cream a lot. Edy's make delicious flavors for less than 160 calories a serving, and the Breyer's gelatos are 170 calories a serving. Or you can have some ice cream novelties for under 150 calories.

    Kozy Shack puddings are delicious IMO and 130 calories (the 90 calorie ones were disgusting though).
    Greek yogurt with fruit.
    Wegmans sells dark chocolate covered hazelnuts that are wonderful too, I often have those as dessert nowadays.
  • Snip8241
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    Bump...I just have fruit, if and when , I eat dessert. These recipes sound delicious. Thanks everyone.
  • stackhsc
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    Frozen yogurt or ice cream, portion size to vary depending on calories in the ice cream.
  • shutterbug282
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    Homemade Quark Cheesecake, the base is made with toasted steel cut oats instead of biscuit. :)
  • TheIgnorantTroll
    I make a yogurt slice occasionally which the whole family love.

    700grm of your favourite yogurt (I use low fat)
    100 grm low fat cream cheese (optional)
    40 to 50 grm of sugar free jelly crystals (depends on how set you want it and you can use whatever flavour jelly you like)
    90 grm of bran flakes( or whatever you like for a base)

    Place the bran flakes in the base of a dish. Mix yogurt and cheese and add fruit if you like. In a Separate bowl add 100ml of boiling water to the jelly crystals and desolve.

    Mix desolved jelly with yogurt mix and pour over base.

    Sets in the fridge and makes 8 potions @ about 100cals each depending on you'er ingredients.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nz2swk1w60xtd9/Photo 07-09-2014 13 36 31.jpg?dl=0
  • greenfirearm
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    Latterly, Trek bars! I love love love their Cocoa Coconut bar.