Colorado Diet/ State of Slim

Just wondering, if anyone else is out there doing this or has researched and done this?? It makes a world of sense after reading the book online, its similar to many philosophies of reducing carb and fat intake. I researched and was lead to this book after watching Extreme Weight Loss (I know its exactly what the name states!!) and researching the center in Colorado where the contestants are based out of. Just wondering if there are others who have looked into this??


  • K_armfield
    K_armfield Posts: 23 Member
    I'm going to start it on Monday. I'm still reading the rest of the book. Have you started it?
  • fittocycle
    fittocycle Posts: 824 Member
    I haven't read the book although I've looked at it in the bookstore. From what I remember, the principles of the book are fairly basic. Honestly, I picked up the book because of the title. I moved to Colorado from Kentucky 17 years ago and was immediately struck at the different mindset here toward eating and being active. Living here makes it so easy to be active. On any given day, people are outside walking, running, or riding bikes. An abundance of bike trails and walking paths makes it easy to do too!
  • amesea
    amesea Posts: 10 Member
    I'm doing it after my mother in law who struggles with her weight reported losing 25 pounds and feeling happy and healthy. It's working well for me but I'm only in the first week.