New and in need of friends :)

Hi guys!

I'm new to MFP and love that this site has such an awesome community. I'm looking for friends so I can be inspired by your progress and you can hold me accountable for mine. I'm 27, in Michigan, and I have about 120lbs to lose. Anyone have any tips for staying on track when you're stuck in the snow four months a year?



  • lisanangel
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    Hi my name is Lisa I'm 43 trying to lose my last 27 pounds. Feel free to add me I'm on daily
  • alaskabrat
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    Hola Sammers! I don't have experience being successful in the winter...YET (I live in Alaska), BUT I think I finally understand what to do. I've had a lot of success these last couple of weeks staying committed. :) Remember what makes your body feel good. Crap food always effects me negatively in some way and I finally learned to listen to my body and I feel better than ever! I have about 80 lbs to lose over all, but always take baby steps, reward yourself with non-food items every 10 lbs or 20lbs, whatever you prefer, to keep yourself on track and not get overwhelmed. It REALLY helps! :) Add me if you like I'd love to help motivate you and vice versa! The people on here are great! Good luck!
  • FitnessTrainer69
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    I would like to help you. I'd need an accurate list of what you eat and what your daily activites are. If you're intrested let me know. I've lost close to what your looking to lose and might be able to put you on the right path.

  • Jordan
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    Hi Sam! Welcome to the MFP community! :smile:
  • Sammers48220
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    Hi Sam! Welcome to the MFP community! :smile:

    Thanks! Excited to be here.
  • cecesquats
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    Hi :) I'm Cece and I have about 110 lbs to lose. I added you :)
  • sjanejack
    hi sam, i'm sara i have a little more than 50 pounds to lose, then i'll decide if i want to get to a smaller weight or not
    i'm on almost every day, add me if you want and as for the 4 months of snow making it hard to exercise well i just don't know it doesn't snow very much in the state i'm in, and it rarely even snows at all in the part of the state i'm in