Am I destined to be fat or what?



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    One thing I am noticing though, using MFP, they show a "mixed green salad with no dressing" at 170 calories! LOL! Some of the calculations on here are incorrect, if I have to keep going to other resources for calorie counts I may bail on this tracker.

    The database is actually great, the best I've used (I did Livestrong for a while), but there are tricks, mostly learning to avoid the inaccurate stuff. For a salad or anything else made up of components, the only accurate way to do it (as AliceDark said) is to break it into the components or create your own recipe (I never bother with that for something like a salad, but my salads vary a lot in ingredients from day to day).

    When I make a salad I put the plate or bowl on the scale, hit tare, and then add my greens and other ingredients and note each one. Sometimes I just estimate the greens based on cups, since the calories are so low, but doing the whole thing on the scale is super easy and adds really no time to my chopping and prep. If you use someone else's mixed salad, you have no idea what they put on it, which is why there are wacky counts sometimes.
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    Well, you can shave 40 calories right off the top by ditching the pills....they're a worthless waste of money.

    Cut the exercise calories MFP gives you in half when you log them. Or, if you're not planning on weighing out your food, go with 25% of what MFP gives you. That might help you create the deficit you're missing. Try to add some more nutrient dense foods into your diet. You'll be able to eat more, volume wise, than if you're eating mostly higher calorie foods. You don't have to ditch the pizza and chinese take out completely, but try to mix in more protein and veggies.