How did you become a runner?



  • sarahc001
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    In March 2012 I decided that I wanted to do tough Mudder for my 40th birthday. I spent four weeks doing p90x, then decided that if I could complete a half marathon I could reasonably complete TM. I scheduled the half for August, and after the month of p90x, just wanted to see what it felt like to "go jogging." I hadn't run since elementary school, having been exempt from formal physical education from middle school on due to being a competitive figure skater. I went out and did 3miles. 3 slow miles, but I did it. Two weeks later I was doing 5 but walking up two of the "big" hills. My third time trying five I was able to run the whole thing (again, slowly.) I was just astounded at how adaptable my body was, even at 39 years old.

    At the half I couldn't believe how great it felt to cross that finish line, especially after one of the "veteran" runners told me that I really shouldn't be running THAT half marathon as my first, and what was I thinking...didn't I read the web site? He finished 26 seconds ahead of me.

    On a more positive note I met a guy with a JFK50 shirt. I asked him what it was for, and he said "50 miles." "Over how many days?" "It's all the same day." "You're s#!++!ng me." "No, I'm not." So there was my goal for the following year- to qualify for and complete the JFK50 in November 2013. I ran my first marathon in March 2013 and entered JFK but decided to do my first 50 in June, just to see if I could.

    I'm only just starting to consider myself a runner- I'm not really that fast, but I'm stubborn. I like the challenge. Now I run almost entirely on trails, and the community of local trail runners is a very special group of people. I'm a mid-back of packer and just love being out there.
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    My husband was my inspiration actually. I grew up on a small dairy farm and did lots of manual labor around the farm. We would mock anyone running because who needs to run when you are doing manual labor all day long. (Not that we saw too many runners, mind you.) So anyway fast forward to meeting my husband after college: I was about 26/27 years old. We met and started dating. He worked out and ran religiously at that time. (And still does BTW.) So I said to him one day, Boy, I'd love to run. He says, Well, why don't you start? I said, Well, honestly, I don't think that I have the right body type for that sort of thing. And he says (and I'll never forget this): What are you talking about? "Anyone can run!" So I started running. That was 20 years ago.
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    I did it, back in the 90s, with guidance from Jeff Galloway, in Galloway's Book on Running. It's still in print (2nd edition) and he is still helping a new generation of runners.

    Couch to 5K is also great, but Galloway has lots of useful advice on training, dealing with injuries, pacing, etc. There are other books, too.

    If you find you hate running, though, don't force yourself to continue. Quiet country roads are also great for cycling, walking, rollerblading, etc.
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    I literally started by running from one light post to another... Then walk to the next one ...etc, and slowly ran two light posts and walked one.... That was 4+ years ago and I haven't stopped since.... As far as time, you need to figure out if you want to get up and workout early before you need to start your day, or later or even at lunch time.... Make the time, you will be so glad you did it for yourself!!! Good luck to you!!! ????