Hi, eveyone

My name is Bev and I weigh 238 lbs now, but I have lost down from 253 on Aug 8. I started MFP on Sept 3 while on a low carb elimination diet.which I am now adding a new food every 3 days. I really do not like vegetables unless they are cooked [preferably Southern style]. You can see why I am morbidly obese with asthma, hypertension, borderline diabetes, chronic depression, chronic gastritis with GERD and IBS, cataracts and obstructive sleep apnea. I retired from nursing June 1, 2013 with chronic back pain resulting in difficulty standing or walking longer than 15 to 20 minutes. I have decided to try to get rid of some of these health issues that are related to obesity. I am using Dr Charles Webb's "Metamorphosis" as my health and fitness plan. I know this is a permanent life style change that may take years to accomplish, but I have a good nurse practitioner and chiropractor to help me.