425 down to 406

I've lost a little bit doing the four hour body and lifting weights..goal Is to break the 400 barrier right now.. Should I focus more on cardio or strength training..i know both are important but gotta build up stamina.


  • oarngesi
    oarngesi Posts: 73 Member
    Your diet is the most important. Cardio will burn more calories in a session but strength training will burn a couple more calories every day for every pound of muscle you put on.
  • TheSatinPumpkin
    TheSatinPumpkin Posts: 948 Member
    Just want to say congrats on your progress.
  • bigT24chiefs
    bigT24chiefs Posts: 50 Member
    Thanx man I see you've been where I'm currently at. Congrats to you
  • VeggieKidMandy
    VeggieKidMandy Posts: 575 Member
    I would say to drink tons of water, and try something like T25. HIIT Cardio is a really good way to incorporate muscle building and cardio.

    Great job on your progress so far!
  • terbusha
    terbusha Posts: 1,483 Member
    Mix both cardio and strength training in. They're both important for overall fitness. Congrats on the great start! very inspirational