four hour body (slow carb)

Any success on this plan..when I stick to it seems to work. Any thoughts


  • d3gus
    d3gus Posts: 97 Member
    Yes i have been doing it for 3 months now and lost 15lb - i had stalled big time and find this works for me.
  • bevtony20
    bevtony20 Posts: 4 Member
    I did MFP about 5 years ago and lost about 75 pounds. I was severely restricting my calories and exercising like a mad woman. I ended up pulling my back out and everything came to a grinding halt. I gained most of it back and only seriously started back on MFP on September 8th. Many may not agree with what I've done but it works for me. Let's say I weigh 400 pounds and it takes xxx amount of calories to maintain that weight. I looked at the calories it took to maintain 300 pounds and used that as my calorie go by. It is a lot more than 1500 or 1800 calories but I knew if I took in less calories than what my body needs I would lose weight. When I get to the point I am no longer losing then I will lower my calories by 100 until I stop losing then lower by another 100, etc. I do not have a cheat day or a cheat meal. I have eaten everything I want and never felt deprived. I have had chicken fried steak, italian cream cake, Chinese food, enchiladas, margaritas, etc. I look at my calories on a 7 day average. As long as my 7 day average is below my allotted calories I'm good...I will lose weight. Losing weight isn't about the number of calories in a meal it's about balance. When I know I'm going out to eat I plan for it the day before and the day after. Like I said, I know that some people won't agree with what I do but it works for me. If I ever thought I could never have another would not be good. One final note, I am a sugar addict. I continue to have sugar in my tea. I don't drink as much of it as I used to but when I want sugar I will have sugar.
  • nordlead2005
    nordlead2005 Posts: 1,303 Member
    any plan will work if it includes a calorie deficit.
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