Friends with horrible relationship with food

There are "chubby" people who can lose weight and keep it off with no problem and are happy with their new lifestyle, that's totally not my case , I struggle a lot thinking about my weight, body image and food all the time, it's hard to keep that off my mind! I would like to meet people who struggles with that too!
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  • 970Mikaela1
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    Im usually pondering dinner for tomorrow as I'm making lunch for today:)
  • ell_23
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    I don't eat masses of food, partly consciously because I'm losing weight but also partly unconsciously because I just have gotten into good habits and eat all the foods I now want to eat anyway.

    BUT I think about food all the time. I think about my next meals, I sometimes log days in ahead because I'm planning my meals. I look forward to tonight's meal, and tomorrow's lunch. I think about what I have in the fridge and the freezer to cook for breakfast.

    It's not an obsession related to MFP and losing weight, it's just because I love food.

    PS I do think about my weight a lot too though - that IS an obsession related to MFP.
  • jen2327
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    It's because your planning ahead. My mentally preparing yourself what you are going to eat - you are helping yourself to stay on track.
    When you don't plan - your less likely to achieve what you actually want to achieve!
  • YearsWorthOfFAT
    I'll add you. My friends are able to lose weight so easily but not me.
  • 999tigger
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    Is it going to help you loads having other people who struggle? Wouldnt you also be better having friends who are strong of mind and focused? That way you can pick up from their good habits.
  • fushigi1988
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    Eyes on own plate. I don't judge what anyone is eating, it is their choice. If they want eating tips, they can come to me.
  • prettyface55
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    hi.. im prettyface and i am a food addict lol