how do you log food after getting sick?

I sometimes will get a sudden onset of a nasty migraine that usually ends up with me puking (I know... gross right)? how would you log the food? would you add calories to make up for the loss? (cuz after the puking comes a two hour nap followed by me being starving) or would you just take it as a wash and continue logging the next day? Or would you just count it as if the puking didn't happen?


  • libbydoodle11
    libbydoodle11 Posts: 1,351 Member
    Log it as usual and log the next day. Maybe add in the notes that you weren't feeling well that day.
  • VeggieKidMandy
    VeggieKidMandy Posts: 575 Member
    have you talked to your doctor? Sometimes they will give you medication to stop those horrible migranes and the nausea/vomitting.

    as far as logging your food, I would still stick to your normal day, except I would add maybe an ensure or a protein shake to replace the nutrients lost while getting sick.