Which DVD: Tae Bo, Shred, Insanity, or A.N. Other?

Just debating which one to do.

I used to love Tae Bo and many years ago and got pretty good at it (there was much less of me then!).

Bought the 30 Day Shred for hubs and I, but for all sorts of reasons it feel by the wayside.

I want to start again and think I can do it 3x a week - probably Friday (as I work from home most Fridays), and both weekend days.

I'm wondering which one to use, hence looking for recommendations :-)

Currently one week into five weeks of plaster for a broken wrist, so I have time to research.


  • reeyonce
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    I first started doing Tae Bo when I was 14, combined with Callanetics and yoga and my body was great from doing so. I picked it back up recently (10 years later lol) and again it is bringing me fast results. I do it daily, infact, I just finished a Tae Bo workout about half an hour ago. I would say it's easy enough to do daily, but intense enough that it actually brings you fast results. It's fun and it makes you sweat and I just love it.
    However when I want a sort of 'brutal' workout (which is not very often lol) I will use FitnessBlender's free HIIT workouts. Now THEY are intense.
    To be honest though, I absolutely love cardio but I HATE strength training, I hate it lol. Tae Bo for me combines it all in a less obvious way if you know what I mean, and because it's fun I will do it. Depends what you want I guess. I think Tae Bo does it all, tones, strengthens and burns fat. It's great in combination with Callanetics. It's all I really need.
  • ellepribro
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    Try them and see what you enjoy. I use both Tae Bo and 30 Day Shred. Both have benefits and by switching up my routine I don't get bored. Good luck!
  • MrsMizart
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    Thank you :-)

    I remember Tae Bo as being good fun and felt good for doing it ("Right now! Double time!!" lol).

    I like some weights, but it's fitting it in (gym time). Trying to fit in as much exercise as possible. Have long commutes so hard to get a session in every day. Am aiming for stationary bike when I get to client's site, walking some lunchtimes and weights others (depends on meetings), walk a dog in the evenings, DVD over the weekend. Just need an arm to heal so I can crack on!
  • Out of those choices, probably Tae Bo would be best. Insanity has a lot of push-ups and planks so it probably wouldn't be good for someone who has a healing wrist injury. Also, the insanity schedule is 6 days a week. I haven't done the Shred, so I am not sure about that one.
  • MrsMizart
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    Good plan to mix them up. That should keep me from getting stale / bored :-)
  • MrsMizart
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    Sorry, missed your post. Thank you! Hadn't thought of the healing time once the cast is off. I really must so breaking bones!

    Quite looking forward to starting Tae Bo again :-) Will go see if Amazon has any new ones.