My turn for a success story? Yeah buddy!

I'm so excited to be able to post my success story here. Woohoo! Okay, let's get started.

Here are my stats:

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5"

HW: 165 lbs (2006)
SW: 155 lbs (2012)
CW/LW: 124.2 lbs (9.20.14)
GW: 125 lbs

And here are my current measurements. Unfortunately, I didn't start measuring until I started lifting in April.

Bust: 33.5" (from 35")
Waist: 26" (from 29")
Hips: 34.5" (from 37")
Thigh: 20.25" (from 22")
Calf: 14" (from 14.5")
Arm: 10.5" (from 11.5")

Now for strength gains:

Starting Working Weight:

Squats - 45 lbs
Bench Press - 45 lbs
OHP - 45 lbs
Deadlift - 95 lbs

Current [Estimated] 1RM:

Squats - 170 lbs
Bench Press - 100 lbs
Push Press - 85 lbs
Deadlift - 190 lbs

Here's the very short version of what I did to reach my goal weight.

1850 calories per day when averaged over the week (more on weekends) and lifting heavy. For more info, check out my blog. :)

And finally, onto the pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures at my starting weight. These before shots are from the end of March, right before I started lifting. I was about 138 lbs at the time.




(I don't have any before pictures of my back.)

So, in closing...

I'm so excited to finally reach my goal weight. I haven't weighed 125 lbs since I was 17 years old, right before I met my husband. However, this is far from the end. I've still got recomp and a possible clean bulk cycle in my future. There are always improvements to be made, and I have no plans on stopping now. Here's to always getting stronger, hotter, and better! :)


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