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    I love ice cream. Last night, I made some from frozen bananas, cocoa powder and chocolate PB2. It was heavenly and a huge bowl was less than 200 calories. I added walnuts, dark chocolate chips and raspberries.

    While it sounds delicious, the above is not actually ice cream.
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    I love ice cream, but it's hard for me to not put away the whole pint. I've been eating sorbet here lately instead. I can have a whole lot more for fewer calories, and I prefer the fresher taste of it anyway.

    I'm a "pinter", too:laugh: The good thing (for me, anyway) is that gelato is SOOO rich, that 1/2 a pint is more than enough for my taste buds. I will FIND room for that deliciousness, lol! Otherwise, I LOVE pineapple sherbet (with real pineapple, not just flavored stuff). Hard to find, but when I locate it, that whole pint is MINE!

    There's a very good reason I make sure to prelog 300-400 calories for "After Dinner" snacks.:wink: I've been on a cereal and yogurt kick for a while. Time to get back into the frozen treats, I'm slackin' :tongue:
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    I prefer ice cream, which is not having any additives and sugar added. I mostly eat Breyers, you can get various different flavors like mint chip, strawberry, salted cream, vanilla etc.
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    We're addicted to Snickers Ice Cream bars. 180 calories, 6 to a pack, absolutely amazingly delicious.
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    Make your own.


    It is hands down the best ice cream out there AND you get to control what you put in it.

    I bought the ice cream attachment for my stand mixer and my husband and I have been making and freezing all kinds of flavors of ice cream. We made a few batches of mint chocolate chip. We infused the milk with real, crushed up mint. Peanut butter, coffee/Kahlua/toffee, blueberry . . . going to make another batch of peanut butter some time this week and a plain ol' vanilla. It's super easy and cheaper than the store bought. Plus you get a true gallon of ice cream.

    Oh man, this reminded me that we got the ice cream attachment for my mixer for our wedding and have yet to use it!
    Forget Publix, I'm making ice cream tonight!

    My husband is obsessed with making ice cream and we've only eaten the peanut butter flavor and the first test batch of mint chocolate chip. :laugh:

    We also have a vacuum sealer so we put it in a zip lock bag, let it harden then vacuum seal it.

    A vacuum sealer is a great idea! We've been talking about getting a chest freezer because we keep running out of room. Maybe stock piling ice cream will be what pushes us over the edge! :happy:

    We were forced to get a chest freezer in addition to the big, stand up one we have after our garden exploded and we were freezing like maniacs!

    Now it's filled with veggies and ice cream.
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    Try them all!

    Mmmmm, I will for sure <3
  • PowerfulHunt
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    If you want actual ice cream advice with no frills and sad fake stuff, go here:

    It's what we do.

    LOL .. woo my people!
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    I'm personally addicted to So Delicious' Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert Pints, mostly their no sugar added chocolate or vanilla<333 Around 100 calories per half a cup, plus a lot of fiber to keep you full! It's so good!

    I also like Turkey Hill's frozen yogurt, especially when their Baklava or Lemon Biscotti Greek frozen yogurts are out! But their Pumpkin Pie ice cream is DELICIOUS, too!
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    When I want ice cream, I want real ice cream! I tried the skinny cow crap, and foy yo. Yeah, those are frozen desserts, not ice cream!
    I'd love to make my own! Since I don't, I look for real ingredients, like Breyers All natural, Ingredients; Cream, Sugar, Vanilla, Vanilla Bean (or cocoa in the chocolate) No guar gum, or artificial crap. I can fit the 160 calories for a half cup, and for the splurge, Ben & Jerrys, Coldstone, anything where I recognize the ingredients!
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    Talenti is tops, Graeters, Ben and Jerry's has some good ones but when I'm on a budget (lately because I eat pints), Edy's has some nice flavors too. Smores, cookie dough, I'm looking for the pumpkin pie one right now... I love ice cream. Even in weight loss I'd have a few servings at night. It was worth it

    Bomb I saw both Pumpkin Pie flavors by Edy's at Wal-Mart yesterday. They had a lower calorie flavor at around 90 & one for either 120-130.
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    I make my own ice cream by blending up frozen bananas and then mixing them with other flavors, such as chocolate or berries.

    You make frozen bananas. That's not ice cream. Farrrrrrrrrr from it :)