IPhone 5s issues! mFP not syncing

Hi all, since getting my iPhone 5s it has tracked my steps with it's motion sensor and sync'd with mfp fantastically........since updating to iOS 8 it is not syncing. I am NOT talking about the new health app which hasn't launched yet......the motion sensor I have been using before. I have installed a different pedometer app.....this one logs my steps great.....not syncing with mfp.....so I'm guessing it's an mfp fault as even in the health app which hasn't fully launched my steps are being tracked.....why are they not all syncing or sometimes none are syncing?!?!

Help please I'm getting frustrated! I just want to keep everything on mfp but it's not playing.


  • Chain_Ring
    Chain_Ring Posts: 753 Member
    get a 6
  • purple817
    purple817 Posts: 25 Member
    That would make no difference as I think it's an mfp issue.....thanks for being so helpful though
  • dj_phx
    dj_phx Posts: 115 Member
    You might want to post this under Technical Support/Need Help http://myfitnesspal.desk.com/
  • deevah62
    deevah62 Posts: 32 Member
    Sounds like a problem with the IOS8 - hopefully mfp will do a quick fix.
  • purple817
    purple817 Posts: 25 Member
    Thanks Ive emailed them, frustrating that I got another app for the interim which is working but again is not syncing with mfp x
  • ugh that stinks. glad I don't have enough room to do the upgrade. lol
  • Same problem here since I updated to iOS 8
  • uksk8rchic
    uksk8rchic Posts: 1 Member
    I'm having the same problem too. Has always worked fine but since IOS 8, it works intermittently. Yesterday it logged just over 10,000 steps which is about right, today 539 and one day last week...ZERO!!
  • purple817
    purple817 Posts: 25 Member
    So so frustrating! Wouldn't mind of the other app worked by synching instead.....mfp have said they are looking in to it..... :/
  • annaskiski
    annaskiski Posts: 1,212 Member
    I had this issue too recently. It was with ios7 though, so ios8 is not the issue.
  • Not syncing with iPhone 6 and iOS 8 between Health app and MFP.