Ran my first 10km race!

VeryKatie Posts: 5,931 Member
I was super excited! I ran my first 10 km race on Sept 28.

I think I only walked for about 3 minutes because I had to let my stomach settle from the need to go to the bathroom (they should definitely have had a couple more porta potties set up).

I'm still waiting for the official results but I think I did it in under 80 minutes which is great for me. Plus I think I was 3rd last (and my ultimate goal was just to not be last!). That being said, my bf, who ran with me for company, let me go across the finish line ahead of him so really I wouldn't have been last no matter what. But still. I also came ahead of one other person, who looked nice and fit (and she was!). So it just felt like the first time I thought of myself as "a runner" since all through the race I thought of the person behind me as a runner too. If she is, then I am, right? :)

Honestly, I don't think I thought that I could do it. I had stopped training out of... lack of motivation and feeling discouraged about 3 weeks prior and I'd only ran a little over 5 kms at one time before that. But I somehow pushed through! No injuries either :)

After the run I was so happy and I kind of kept thinking - you can do more than you think you can, even if you feel discouraged. I didn't think I could run that far. But I did! Yay!

I'll keep these feelings in mind to motivate me more in the future!


  • aneary1980
    aneary1980 Posts: 461 Member
    I ran my first last week, (I was last I did it in just under 70 minutes) finishing is an amazing feeling!!!

    Congrates!! Enjoy it!!
    RUNNING_AMOK_1958 Posts: 268 Member
    Congratulations! You have discovered that you can do something you didn't think you could. It's a great feeling, isn't it? And your BF? He sounds like a keeper.
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,931 Member
    Congratulations! You have discovered that you can do something you didn't think you could. It's a great feeling, isn't it? And your BF? He sounds like a keeper.
    He's definitely a keeper :D
    It is an amazing feeling! I'm considering trying to beat my time by running a November 2nd one now :)
  • JustFindingMe
    JustFindingMe Posts: 390 Member
    What an accomplishment! Be very proud :happy:

    And how sweet of your BF!
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,931 Member
    edited July 2015
    Hopefully I won't get in trouble for bumping an old thread...

    But do you ever go back and look at old posts you wrote? I just did (this one)... and it's funny... I am having trouble remembering what it felt like to do that race... but I want to remember.. I need a little boost to get motivated again.

    How quickly we forget if you don't do something regularly! And how easy it is to fall back into old habits. I've been working at improving my consistency with exercise since October, 2013, but it's still a struggle. I think that's the most shocking thing about becoming more healthy... how long it takes to make ACTUAL habits. I seem to do things for a while and then drop off... then back on... and off... my weight is stable enough but my habits are not established.

    But a plus note here... that BF who let me run across the finish line ahead of him? I married him :) Keeper indeed!

    I think I'll read more of my old posts for motivation.
  • jencook1969
    jencook1969 Posts: 25 Member
    Great story! I just started c25k, I want to be a runner so badly. Tried mfp a few years ago, and lost motivation. Now I'm back and ready to go!!!
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,931 Member
    That's a great way to start! I was using the C25k and liked it!
  • G_RRR
    G_RRR Posts: 53 Member
    I loved your story and congrats for your now husband!! I'm training for my first 10K =) and hopefully I'll run it on September 20th.
  • linzi02
    linzi02 Posts: 74 Member
    Aww I loved reading this, really made me smile :) I'm doing my first 5K at the end of August and then planning to work towards 10K after that. Can't wait to see what I'm doing this time next year!
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