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This is gonna sound really stupid!!



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    I spent and hour and 45 minutes a little over a week ago in one store just shopping for shoes. Trying them on is a work out in it’s self….all the bending over, stretching, getting up and down and walking around in the shoe. I even started to work up a sweat lol I love shoes LOL
    When finished there I went to Wally World. By the time I finished there and got home it was over 2 hours from start to finish at Wally World. So in that one day it was close to 4 hours shopping. I have spent over 8 hours in Wally World before.
    About a month ago a very nice department store was having their going out of business sale. I was there most of the afternoon the last 4 days of their sale. The prices kept going down, down, down…… it was great I got a lot of new clothes and dirt cheep at that. I even got shoes for a dollar a pair. During the last half hour before they closed their doors for good I got shoes for 84 cents a pair. I was in shoe heaven lol
    All the clothes that I was carrying around got heavy….really heavy. I know I worked off a lot of calories then. It was fun and a workout….of shorts….also.
    I know I know it doesn’t take the place of cardio but everything we do does burn calories and I did that for sure.
    So folks don’t dread shopping think of it as a work out that is helping you burn some of those calories and just have fun with it…..then go to the gym and do that cardio….and have fun there too.
    Life is a trip…..enjoy the journey. :flowerforyou:
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