Carried Away

So I've debated about posting this and giving this absolute nut bag any additional attention BUT I think it's more important for people to see just how easy it is to get carried away with weightloss and concepts of being thin:!/mrkennethtong

This looney was a former Big Brother contestant (insert rant about reality TV here) and is now promoting his "size zero" pill and lifestyle of "Managed Aneorexia". His bio on Twitter reads: "@MrKennethTong Mayfair, London; The World.
Used to be on Television. Love Koffmann's Restaurant & Harrods. Proudly endorsing managed anorexia. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

For all of you in a healthy weight range, and for all of usworking towards and teetering on being there, I implore you: Think long and hard about "the next 5 lbs". It's true that only you (and proly a certified doctor) know what's best for you, but really think and remember: it's not about the # on the scale or even inches of your waist. It's about being healthy and happy.

"If you aren't good enough without it, you'll never be good enough with it."


  • meggonkgonk
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    Oh and I can name TONS of things that taste way better than "skinny" feels. Let's start with the Top 5
    #1, Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup from Uno's (WITH Ice Cream),
    #2, The first meal you have after a long flight,
    #3, Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips,
    #4, Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies,
    #5, Not letting your digestive acid eat a hole in your stomach lining because you are a deluded psycho with a receeding hairline and control issues...
  • Sasssy69
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    I too can think of MANY things that taste better than skinny feels. Food is a gift - it's all about moderation. NOT feeding your body is just as bad as over-feeding your body. Being skinny does NOT mean one is healthy. It's just that our society has made it more acceptable to be super skinny, than it is to be overweight.

    I think those of us on MFP have the right idea. Of course, I'm hoping to lose weight so I'll LOOK better, but I also know my back pain will go away, I'll have more energy, and I'll feel better about myself.

    This guy sounds like he's perpetuating the myth that being skinny will make you happy. I can only imagine how many people he's harming with this idea.
  • meagalayne
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    Mint chocolate ice cream tastes WAY better than starving looks/feels.... Honest. Try it. It's f*cking delicious :wink:
  • halobender
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    There are a lot of dumb-*kitten* in the world. There are many on this site, even! And there's a lot more pro-anorexia stuff out there than I ever knew before. Problematically, only people who can actually BE there for someone can really help them get through it. We can comment "hey, you're hurting people, idiot" but people are going to do what they want. It's sad that people can actually get away with advocating any unhealthy lifestyle.

    NOT feeling sick, unable to get out of bed, losing hair and messing up your hormones is much better than being uber-thin.

    People who don't eat right go insane. They're hard to be around, and they aren't very cognitive ...
  • TheMaidOfAstolat
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    As someone who has battled with ED's for the last 12's a struggle. I know of many on this site who struggle on a day to day basis with one. Let's not be harsh or judge until you know the person. Having an ED is not always about weight or wanting to be thin...please remember that.