Weight Loss After 40....

Great article, thought I would share......



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    That seems to be reasonable for any age.
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    At 39 1/2 years old, I tend to agree with every point in that article and I think that it is definitely in the spirit of MFP especially when it talks about balancing your calories consumed with calories burned.

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I am one of those "over 40's AND have hypothryoid!" :(
  • Hi, I’m new to myfitnesspal, Seen the comment about over 40 and weight loss. I am 44 and I have lost 35 and had it off for around a year, just decided to loss the other 30 pounds I need to lose. However... check out my wife’s site (www.advocarelife.net), especially her before/after pictures. I am very proud of her, she went from 194 to 139 and still there, size 16 to size 6 and she is almost 45. It can be done...
  • I'm over 40 and lost 3st in 6 months, it can be done if you have the will power and motivation :smile:
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    I'm 43 and I lost 6 stone in 18 months, so yes it can be done, have managed to put 2 stone back on, and am trying to lose that (8lb down already) .. what I would say though is that as I get older, each time I try to lose it, it's definitely getting harder to shift the pounds ...... now it's getting BLOODY HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ohwell:
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    I'm much closer to 50 than 40 these days and have maintained a 50# loss for almost 3 years now, so it can be done. I was down 70# @ one point, but the scale has crept back up a bit....I got away from my own weight loss "rules"(on my blog from last week if you are interested). I am here to get rid of the "creep"+ the remainder of what I wanted to lose initially. I am entering my first sprint triathlon in a couple of weeks..so YES, it can be done.

    Lots of good stuff in that article, but I personally thought the best piece of advice was: "You make slow, gradual adjustments to each end of the equation. And you -- and only you -- decide which end of the fuel-in, energy-out equation to emphasize and when."

    We are all different,and there is no doubt that healthy eating and exercise are @ the core of any good plan. However, the rest is not "one size fits all." It's really a bunch of trial and error. I went back to sticking to my "sweet spot" of 1400-1600 cals a day, with one splurge meal thrown in per week, and the scale is going down again.
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    Good article, thanks for sharing! What are the supposed "Foods that burn fat" mentioned in the article?
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    Good article, thanks for sharing! What are the supposed "Foods that burn fat" mentioned in the article?

    So specifics but I'm guessing they are talking about protein since it keeps you fuller longer and REAL FOOD vs. nutritionally void options.
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    Good article, thanks for sharing! What are the supposed "Foods that burn fat" mentioned in the article?

    This is what I found.....