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  • luvs2havefunluvs2havefun Posts: 67Member Posts: 67Member
    We're either taking a cruise to the Bahamas or just gonna go to Vero Beach...either way we're leaving in 2-3 weeks!!!:noway:
  • chriss1ttchriss1tt Posts: 365Member Member Posts: 365Member Member
    Just hanging at the beaches here in Fla. That and the pool. :ohwell:
  • songbyrdsweetsongbyrdsweet Posts: 5,691Member Member Posts: 5,691Member Member
    Yes, finally!! I never get to do anything over the summer because of work, but this summer I have more time!! Here's where I've gone/am going:

    Charlottesville (to see Monticello)- May 15-16
    New London, NC (for camp school to become a climbing director)- May 17-23
    Roanoke to see Cirque De Soliel- Tomorrow!!
    Virginia Safari Park & Natural Bridge Zoo - Tomorrow or during the week!!
    Smith Mt. Lake, VA - June 5-7
    Camp Ottari, VA (where I'll be working!)- June 15-Aug 12
    Kings Dominion/Busch Gardens- Some time in August
  • ali106ali106 Posts: 3,754Member Member Posts: 3,754Member Member
    going to..... my new in ground pool, as soon as we buy the house. Other then that, I'll have about a dollar three eighty (as my dad used to say) to go on vacations for the rest of the year. That pool's gonna cost like 2 grand to clean and shock! Ouch.

    I'm going to banksies ....once he's cleaned and shocked that pool that is!!! woo hoo:drinker:
  • TamTasticTamTastic Posts: 19,276Member Member Posts: 19,276Member Member
    I'm going to Oregon to visit my family from July 1-6 and then down to Santa Barbara to visit my father-in-law from July 6-9, then back to CT!

    I think I may get to Boston at some point meet my new bestest friends!!!! ;)
  • chiefironchiefiron Posts: 305Member Posts: 305Member
    Disney 4 day cruise July 20 -24 then disney world (port orleans hotel) 24 to 27.

    Mexico (sea of Cortez/ Rocky point) in Nov sometime house hunting.
  • barefootbabebarefootbabe Posts: 271Member Member Posts: 271Member Member
    Awww, someone come visit me in Australia! My house is VERY small, but I promise it will be much fun! :blushing:
  • janellybellyjanellybelly Posts: 112Member Posts: 112Member
    YAY...OREGON!!!! I grew up in I am in Washington State!

    We are going camping, white water rafting, and to Seattle with friends!!! WOO HOO!!!
  • HelawatHelawat Posts: 605Member Member Posts: 605Member Member
    Driving across country.....moving from Vegas to Maryland.
  • Katy009Katy009 Posts: 579Member Member Posts: 579Member Member
    HOME HOME HOME to Michigan in August for about 3 weeks and when we get back we are heading to France (Nice) for the last week in August. :smile:
  • brittanymt19brittanymt19 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    going to china for the games and later on in the summer going to new york and chicago
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