any experiencing hair loss?

In 2003, lost 50 lbs with 6 months, I know that was too fast and not healthy for my body, my skin looked shallow, my face ash, and most importanty I experienced hair loss. Clumps, I would find it on my bathroom counter, on the floor, on my clothes... I stopped coloring, and cut my hair short to not make it so noticeable. I had thinning and not alot of growth.

In 2010, had surgery, I had clumps come out in the shower . I would cry every time I washed my hair. My doctor told me it was the "shock" from surgery, this was normal and it may last 6 mos. I wash my hair 3x a week, put a shower cap on in the shower on the days I didn't wash it. I dry it naturally, no heat. I bought Nexxus and at healthy fats (walnut, avocados) took Biotin. After a few months the dr was right I stopped shedding, but I did not see "new growth"... some, but not alot, baby fine hair.

In Dec 2010, I started MFP, haven't lost much, at least 2lbs so far, I am not in a rush this time. But now my hair is falling again, it is not breakage, I see it on my vanity, on the floor, co-workers picking it off my clothes.

Any one suffering this? If you are or did, Does it come back? How long before you noticed improvements?

I am still taking biotin, eating healthy fats, lot of protein.(57-92 g), My multi vitamin is a Raw Food Multivitamin, it is not new to my system.


  • Your hormone levels maybe way off, try going to the doctor for a quick and simple blood test!
  • Try vitamin B with complex.
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    you can requst to be on prenatal vitamins from your gyn doc, they will tell you that they are great for pregnancy or not and they will help with nail and hair growth. but you definately need to make sure you are taking a multi vitamin every day while dieting,
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    it could be your thyroid or you are not getting enough fat in your diet(i have a lot of hair it dose not effect me that way )but it dose some people try adding a littel fat to your diet and do some exercise
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    Definitely make sure you are getting enough protien - that will result in hair loss if you don't intake enough. I make sure I have at least 70 g a day.
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    Your hormone levels maybe way off, try going to the doctor for a quick and simple blood test!

    My surgery was an emergency "complete hyster".. Yes I definitely say it knock my hormones for a loop.. I have been on estrogel since last April...
  • Have you had your thyroid checked? Hair loss is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Any Dr who says that kind of hair loss is "normal" is a quack. I seriously hope you have a new Dr. If not, find one quick!
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    Hairloss is very common with thyroid issues. I'd go see your dr about it. I shed more than my cat does. Some medications can cause it too, I'm allergic to zpac (commonly prescribed antibiotic) and it caused me to lose a TON of hair (1/2 gallon bag in 1 shower) There are also some vitamines that if you have too much can cause this. (repeating myself) Talk to your dr about it, if you get no answers see a different dr. Good luck.
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    Have you had your thyroid checked? Hair loss is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Any Dr who says that kind of hair loss is "normal" is a quack. I seriously hope you have a new Dr. If not, find one quick!

    I am on Synthroid, blood work in Dec..with no chg. Dr said it was due to Anesthesia..
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    I went through something pretty similar. I lost 80 pounds and in 2008 I was at my lowest. I wasn't eating a lot and the dramatic difference in my diet made my skin and hair go nuts. I ended up having to take accutane for my skin..which I would never recommend..and my hair has JUST now gotten back to normal. I've put on a couple pounds within the last year, but part of me is okay with that because my hair and skin are getting proper nutrients. Fish has helped my hair a lot..especially the Omega 3 in Salmon. At one point it was falling out in the shower :( I was so discouraged and it was so unbelievably thin. Two years later I love my hair..but that was definitely a rough patch in my weight loss so I understand how you feel. I look at it now and I have 20 more pounds to go..but I'm trying to be as healthy as possiblelosing the rest cause I don't want to lose my hair again. Hang in there!
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    Maybe its just due to the time of year?
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    I second (or third) the vote for a blood test. Have them run the full panel, problem could be hormonal, thyroid, vit deficiency, or endocrin related. Something is out of wack if it has been going on so long.
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    thanks, you have convinced me to seek my Dr. and push the issue. I have an appt in March for thryoid checkup, but I will call next week and ask for a full panel and go from there.
    I eat take Omega 3 Supplements, eat salmon, walnut, all healthy fats.
    Take a Raw Food Multi- Vitamin
    Eat protein, I would love to know the proper range I should be targeting.

    I hope to get this resolved, it is very heartbreaking, I cry every time I lose a precious strand...

    If it means not to lose any weight to keep my hair.. well I may have to just eat healthy, and not shed anymore...
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    Another condition that I know might cause hair loss is PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. I really hope your hair stops falling out! :(
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    It could be anything already mentioned, plus an iron deficiency! Definitely get your bloods checked and go from there.

    Good luck hun. I feel for you :flowerforyou:

    Once you find the cause, you will find the answer. See the Doc, for sure :bigsmile: