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Does anybody know if eating carbs and night sweats are relat

carajocarajo Member Posts: 532 Member Member Posts: 532 Member
Ok this may sound crazy...but..i have noticed when i munch on popcorn, or something high in carbohydrate content in the evenings, i wake up sweting like crazy! Weird?! I put it together by looking at my food journal on the nights i woke feeling horribe...on those days my carbs were higher, and sodium as well. Too much sodium and i can see it in my hands and face also, they are soo puffy! And believe me its not that my eating is out of control, for the most part i eat foods in the simpliest state, lots of veggies, lean meats, fruits, but of course i'm not perfect :) Any thoughts? THANKS!!!


  • lilRickililRicki Member Posts: 4,555 Member Member Posts: 4,555 Member
    wow I never thought of that...recently I've been sweating bombs too...I just closed my vents and opened my windows (it's been -30 celcius here)...yeah my face and feet are freezing, but I'm still sweating under my blankets...maybe it is a carb overload...but I monitor my carb and sodium intake. hhmmm I'm interested to see the other suggestions.
  • Kminor67Kminor67 Member Posts: 900 Member Member Posts: 900 Member
    I used to wake up every night in what felt like a puddle, sweating profusely, but now that I've lost so much weight, this doesn't happen to me anymore. I don't know if it has anything to do with the amount of carbs I was eating before or not. Never thought about it. I thought it stopped due to weight loss, but there might be something else at work here. Something to research!
  • Kminor67Kminor67 Member Posts: 900 Member Member Posts: 900 Member
    According to this article, , Refined carbs (sugar, foods that act like sugar in the system, and simple carbohydrates) are all triggers for hot flashes and night sweats in menopausal women. Maybe you should see a doctor and ask this question.
  • NBFITNBFIT Member Posts: 79 Member Posts: 79
    Boy, this is weird. I had a few days of bad night sweats last month (before I started the whole diet thing). It was right before that "time of the month", so I just attributed it to that. But last night I woke up in a sweat....and my carb intake was alot higher yesterday than it has been the last several days. Strange, yet I'm curious to see if there is a connection there.
  • dee1999dee1999 Member Posts: 3 Member Posts: 3
    Yes, I have the same issue. If I eat carbs late at night I will be hot while sleeping and wake up with night sweats. It took me a while to put 2+2 together. I think it may have to do with a rise in blood sugar and then a drop? Whatever it is, if I don't eat carbs late at night I am fine.
  • stormieweatherstormieweather Member Posts: 2,676 Member Member Posts: 2,676 Member
    THis definately has to do with how your body is metabolizing sugar/carbs. I strongly suggest that you have your insulin levels professionally checked, as this was a big red flag in my partner, who developed nerve damage/pain due to untreated/undiagnosed diabetes.
  • carajocarajo Member Posts: 532 Member Member Posts: 532 Member
    thanks everyone!! I am only i don't think its the menopause thing, but it is odd! I notice it if i overeat too, but before i lost weight I never had this problem and i guarntee my carb eating was much higher then!! Maybe now i have lost weight by body uses it differently....I do have a dr appt next week, maybe i'll get things figured out! Thanks again!
  • lilRickililRicki Member Posts: 4,555 Member Member Posts: 4,555 Member
    Yeah I'm only 29, so Menopause really isn't in the cards just yet. That and I went to a gyno three days ago, they have no idea why...they also don't have any idea why I keep missing my TOM so I don't trust them 100% lol. Keep us posted what your doctor said!
  • fraptousfraptous Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Im 44 and have also noticed a high carb day results in night sweats. Talking to my friends who are not overwieght and fit - they too are getting the odd night sweat. I have started having meat and vege for night time meal and foregoing carbs and no sweats.

    I am also prone to diabetes having had gestational diabetes during pregnancies. Im fairly sure this is a sugar thing for me although not sure how that connects with menopause or perimenopause. Obviously changes are occurring and possibly the way we process sugars is also part of this.
  • alanjones01alanjones01 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1

    Be aware that night sweats can be a warning sign for a number of medical conditions, some of them potentially serious. The body reacts to fighting many chronic conditions by slightly increasing your core temperature, and this can result in excessive sweating at night.

    While it's almost certain that this won't apply to you and it won't be a serious issue (sweating causes are many and varied), if you are uncertain as to why it is happening, you should consider speaking to your General Practitioner.

    I really don't like to scare anyone, but it was the way I found out I had been suffering Chronic Leukaemia for over a year (from which I'm now in remission). I'm very glad I took the time to check, and if one other person benefits, the message is worthwhile.

  • VMarkVVMarkV Member Posts: 522 Member Member Posts: 522 Member
    Eating food/calories raises your body temperature (and your metabolism)...seriously, look up "thermic effect of food". Eating lots of calories in little time actaully raises my body Temperature a full degree or two. If you were to space your food out more evenly throughout the day, your body temperature wouldn't increase as drastically...ultimately the number of calories is what raises temperature most (not frequency of eating).

    It has NOTHING to do solely with sugar or carbohydrates other than that sugars/carbohydrates simply have calories
  • mynamesjaymynamesjay Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Incorrect VMarkV, its proven that refined carbohydrates, and carbohydrate in general do contribute to night sweats due to their effects on blood sugar.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 4,638 Member Member Posts: 4,638 Member
    Old posts but my sister was having night sweats and she blamed it on CBD gummies. She stopped taking them, her NS stopped. So she started again, and so did the NS. I'll have to mention carbs to her.
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 19,716 Member Member Posts: 19,716 Member
    The OP could still be here but I worked with a woman who started into peri at the age of 28, finished and post-meno by the age of 38. It was the genetics in her family. Our mileage will always vary. She was white-headed by the age of 25. I do know another woman at the age of 44 who's in complete denial. No, no, no. I'm way too young but she has all of the classic symptoms. She won't believe it's over 'til it's over. She needs to go see a doctor.

    edited September 2020
  • Kait_DeeKait_Dee Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member
    I'm a competitive bodybuilder and sometimes when I have high carb days this happens when I sleep at night. It's an insulin response to your body processing the carbs and is actually the point when your blood sugars are dropping - so basically can be chalked up to hypoglycemia. I try to have my carbs away from bed time if possible and have a protein based snack instead (I have a great protein cake recipe that I often pair with berries and low sugar jello .. So much yum!)
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Member Posts: 6,058 Member Member Posts: 6,058 Member
    Yes, the same thing happens to me.
  • LegendaryOrangeLegendaryOrange Member Posts: 2,862 Member Member Posts: 2,862 Member
    Stumbled upon this post because this is such a thing for me that I decided to Google it. I'm a 42-year old man so I'm ruling out menopause. I typically eat very low carb but, without fail, the night of my cheat days I will get so hot in my bed that I literally cannot keep the covers on. It's the carbs, without question.
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 8,543 Member Member Posts: 8,543 Member
    mynamesjay wrote: »
    Incorrect VMarkV, its proven that refined carbohydrates, and carbohydrate in general do contribute to night sweats due to their effects on blood sugar.

    I doubt after eight years VMarkV is waiting around to engage in a debate on their post.
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Member Posts: 6,285 Member Member Posts: 6,285 Member
    or that mynamesjay is still around 2 months after his 1 post to counter debate. :D:D
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