The darn cheese...

So... my dinner tonight was a big delicious salad, i felt satisfied and healthy untill i logged my ingredients and found i had consumed almost 900 cals!!!!!!

I know better than to load up on the cheeses and dressing, which accounted for almost 400 cals. I stopped using this site for about 6 months, just started back up today. No wonder i've been gaining weight again!

Sooooo glad to be back, this site is the best for keeping me honest and reteaching me healthy eating habits. :happy:


  • Robin1117
    Robin1117 Posts: 1,768 Member
    yes, cheese. I love it and it must be in the diet--but it's the one thing I always put on the scale before eating....the difference between an acceptable amount and a not-so acceptable one is pretty slim.

    good luck being back on track!!