Food Addicts Anonymous--Recipes

Hi Everyone! I am on my 18th day of the Food Addicts Anonymous program. No wheat, flour, or sugar (no sugar substitute too). It is a strict nutritional program that eliminates all "trigger" foods. Anyone have any no-flour/wheat/sugar recipes? I'd love to try something new!


  • i dont have any recipes for you, but i am very interested in this. i would love to learn more.
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    It may not be the "food" addicts anonymous diet info, but it is a "carb" addicts anonymous source of information. That and the related articles may give you some direction.
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    Sounds like a lot of salads, stir fries, lean proteins, raw veg and fruit (if you can have that? not sure if it's considered a sugar or not in your program), low-fat dairy and nuts!

    What kind of recipes are you looking for? Most of my meals don't contain any sugar, wheat or flour... Anything specific?
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    Sugar/Fat free pudding & jello...always good for that snacking urge! Plus, you can eat it all you want.
  • Thanks for your ideas everyone.

    @anubis609--I'll definitely try that link! THanks!

    @meagalayne--You've got it...except no nuts. Basically I've been eating salad, brown rice and a variety of beans (kidney & black are my fav) for my dinner--it really fills me up and I just add about 1.5 tsp butter which gives it a little more kick. My dinner combo is: 1 protein, 1 fresh veggie serving, 1 cooked veggie serving and 1 grain plus 1/2 of my daily fat serving. Basically, I'm looking for some dinner ideas that fit within those guidelines...not much to ask is Do you have any good stir-fry recipes?

    @NykoleMazzola--You can go online to learn more about the program...they actually have support groups but I opted to just do it on my own. Here's the link:
    I don't think my body has ever felt this good...stable. It keeps your blood sugars and your metabolism even and steady...feels good!

    @ErinBeth7--No sugar or sugar substitutes on the FAA plan...they are known as "trigger" foods for the addict. Thanks for your response though and take care!

    Thanks again!
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    I see!! I didn't think about the substitutes!
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    I am in a true Food Addicts Anonymous program - based on A.A. - go to This doesn't only help with the food and the addictive eating, it also helps with the mental side of eating. We eat no flour or sugar and we have stopped the overeating also. I did really well with myfitnesspal, but I hit a plateau and couldn't get off of it - I have tried so many diets in my life time and was hurting myself with them. Food Addicts Anonymous really works. Good luck!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] or [email protected]
  • I too have been following the FAA program with a sponsor and great success. Then, I decided since I was journaling my foods daily anyway, I'd plug them into MFP and gain an even greater knowledge of the "numbers" side of my weight loss. This combination has been very motivating to me. Great tool + great food plan = GREAT SUCCESS!

    By the way, I'm looking for some tasty FAA recipes for black beans, lentils and red kidney beans (and brown rice)! Appreciate any if you'd share!
  • The Fat Flush Cookbook by Ann Louise Gittleman, has a lot of recipes that seem he FAA program guidlines. I plan to start Monday so I've been trying to find some tasty dishes.
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