My Journey -Day 65---my path is going in circle- not forward

First, I want to say this is not a pity party.. I learned when facing challenges and difficult times it is best to right your thoughts out and once they have been purged, I am able to move on and focus on the positive..

I want to say congratulations for those who are successful, that each day is a new day toward a new lifestyle change.

Today marked my 65 day with MFP, I started at 162 and today I weigh in at 159, my goal is to get around 140-145. I know it is less than 20 lbs, but can't get to it., can't even make a dent in it..

My measurements have stayed the same, B 38, W 30, H 40.5. I am 5’4” and I am 47… Those are my stats.. On a positive note, I started in a size 12 and no can comfortable wear a size 10. In Feb 2003, I weighed 192 by Feb 2004, I got down to 139. I had some help with suppressants and brisked walked daily, now looking back that was not the way to do it.. and probably shocked my system up...

MFP gave me a daily calorie goal of 1200. I also went to Sparkspeople and the daily goal range was 1200-1400. I bought a Polar HRM and a food scale, I was determined not to miscalculate my burn or my food intake. I have a desk job and work out daily- elliptical, walking and for the past 3 weeks I have been alternating between 30 Day Shred (level 1) and Shred Weights (I love my kettlebell). I am doing more cardio intervals then straight cardio, more strength training.

I have MFP friends that are losing weight and inches or I follow posts where there is success and I look at other’s ticker of loss… I get that every body is different, my age plays a factor, how much I have to lose plays a factor, I get it.. but it still is disheartening when I do my weekly weigh ins and nada, zip…

I asked advice from MFP guru’s, all great advice all I incorporated one at a time..I followed the advice of giving it a few weeks after I introduced a change so my body can get use to it.. I have eaten back calories, then I didn’t eat back calories, I have eaten half my exercise calories... My diary is open, I don’t think I eat bad. Yes there may have been a day that I went under the 1200 in my posting, but rest assure those were the exceptions and not the norm. I watch my sodium, I have added more fiber and protein, as I was lacking in those to areas. I drink 64 oz plus of water.

Am I broken? That I don't know... I am at another cross road right now.. Do I increase food intake? Do I decrease my food intake?? All those questions and some of us are in the same boat... If we see it working for some, we try it.. but is it right for ME..that is what I have to figure out..

Ok, i am ready to move on.....Thanks for listening or reading my rant…


  • justann
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    Oh my goodness. You sound so much like me. This is my second go round...which I started early Jan. I seem to keep losing and gaining the same couple of pounds. However, I refuse to give up. I don't go to a gym and it's cold and snowy/icy outside so I have just been using my workout dvds. I can't wait to be able to get out to run again. I have finally started seeing a small decrease in inches and pounds. Let's hope they stay off! My only advice to you is keep at it! Keep doing your varied workouts and maybe throw in a couple extra ones throughout the week and keep being dilligent with your food intake. You can do this!:drinker:
  • karensoxfan
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    I took a look at your journal, and the biggest things I noticed are:

    1. I didn't see any dairy. You might try adding 2-3 servings/day to see if that helps. It has protein which should keep you full, plus the calcium for your bones.

    2. It seems like you eat a lot of the same foods (ex: oatmeal with fruit, lentil soup). Try adding more variety if you can and see if that helps.
  • PeachyKeene
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    It finally took me breaking down in a doctor's office to find what was really wrong with me. I am 35 years old, I am already postmenopausal, hypothyroid, and my prolactin level is through the roof. Have you had any blood work recently, to see if your hormones are okay?
    Here is a link to the website my doctor has.

    I went from going nowhere while try really hard, to losing 12 pounds since January 29th 2011 and I haven't tried near as hard. Not a lot of weight lost, but it will take time for my hormones to correct.

    I do have a 2 week jump start your diet plan, that may help you a lot. If you want it let me know and I will give you the specifics.
  • katmarsc
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    It finally took me breaking down in a doctor's office to find what was really wrong with me. I am 35 years old, I am already postmenopausal, hypothyroid, and my prolactin level is through the roof. Have you had any blood work recently, to see if your hormones are okay?

    just an update.... last year I had an emergency complete hyster...and I have been placed on estrogel.. ( yes, I know my body is still trying to recover from that).. I have hyperthroidism, ( i am on the smallest dosage on that).. I know that all plays a factor. I have taken a Renew Cleanse to get all the "crud" out of my body. I take "raw' vitamins, try to eat clean food.. as far as diary intake... my body tends to Puff Out/Bloat with yogurt, cheese, etc.. so I take my calcium in by veggies- broccolli, etc...
  • abyt42
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    I'm trying to think of this as a spiral path, rather than as being in the same place (even though I've been within a pound of this weight since the middle of December.)

    Good luck to you.
  • smilebhappy
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    I am kinda in the same boat as you are right now.
    I have a sit down office job ~ 8 hrs/day I sit on my butt! ;(
    I have been trying to make adjustments with the guidance of some of my friends
    but I am not seeing any significant results...yet.....but I believe that I will!

    I took a peek at your dairy (only couple days).....
    It looks pretty good to me as far as what you are eating
    could it be possible you are not eating enough??
    I didn't notice your water intake but try to get 10 - 12 cups a/day
    make sure you are getting enough protein & fiber throughout the day
    also watch your sodium intake