PCOS weight loss.

Hi - just curious if there are any other ladies out there who are living with PCOS and losigng weight to be healthy and/or be fertile. I am doing that myself (for both reasons), and just wonder if there are more like me out there! Would love to hear success stories etc.


  • rharris86dc
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    I have not been diagnosed with PCOS, but I do believe that I have the symptoms. I need to ask the dr. when I go in for my yearly exam, though.
    I started working out to lose weight and get healthy in mid-January, and it has definitely been slow going. But I know that: a) that's the healthy way to do it; and b) if I do have PCOS, that's how it's going to be anyway.

    So after my appointment, I'll update you, lol.
  • mizzdivat
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    Here I am girl! I have PCOS and i'm working on losing weight to get healthy and to have better chances at conceiving. I was told the same thing, that the more weight I lose the more fertile I will become. I have been to hell and back with pregnancies with no success yet, but i'm on my way. You're not alone :) So let's get it!

    SW: 210
    Next Benchmark 180
    Goal weight 140

    Blessings to you!
  • LeonaB17
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    Thanks! I have no pregnancies so far - but i want my body in the best shape it can be in before i do get pregnant so i will have the best chance of a full term pregnancy. I hear so many sad stories of women with pcos having multple miscarriages. I dont want to go down that road if there's anything i can do to avoid it! Thanks for listening - and keep in touch.
  • NikkisNewStart
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    I haVe PCOS and also hypothyroidism due to Hasimotos Thyroiditis. I have been successful at losing weight despite these obstacles. Two natural pregnancies and two with fertility treatment. No miscarriages and all full term healthy babies. I can tell you more of my health/pregnancy struggles in email if you want. Keep the faith girl because God hears your prayers!
  • jess_12
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    I also have PCOS and I am hoping to finally change my lifestyle and get control over it. My husband and I are currently seeing a specialist trying to have a baby. I have tried doing low carb but it is not something I am able to stick too. I have only been doing MFP for a week and have lost 4.5 pounds. I'm feeling really hopeful for the first time in quite a while. I am actually kind of obsessed with logging in and tracking my food and exercise lol. I sent you a friend request. I would like to have some friends who have PCOS and understand what we go through!
  • globe_trekker
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    After my aesthetician's urging, I asked my OB/GYN to test me for PCOS as I had all of the classic symptoms, and sure enough I did have it. Kind of bothered that I had been seeing my OB/GYN for years and he never thought to test me for it or ask me more about it, i had to do a lot of research before asking him for testing. But the good thing is that it has been identified and at least I can work toward getting out from under it. And the weight loss is definitely something that I can control, so I'm working toward that.

    There are also a few really good forums for this, I 'm not sure if we're allowed to post them, one is for PCOS and the other is for weight loss with PCOS, I'm not very active on either forum, and am concentrating on trying to lose the weight through reducing calories, and eating a low glycemic index diet.

    Also, a big thing against this is following an anti-inflammatory diet, I use Dr. Weill's book, it has a handy IF food ratings chart, and I try to incorporate those high IF rated foods into daily consumption.

    My Dr. said that throwing anything into the wheel of PCOS will lessen it's effects, for me it is 1) birth control pills. 2) testosterone reducing medication and 3) weight loss (and also low glycemic index as I want to regulate the insulin response and reduce spiking it).