I need more energy!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on this website. Reading other posts has inspired me to reach out for others who can lend support while I try to reach my goals. I think one thing I need to do is set small goals, instead of just having my final goal weight with no date in mind of when I want to reach it. I’ve lost 10-11 pounds so far, but seem to be stuck for the moment. When I exercise, the weight comes off. My husband and I purchased an elliptical which has helped in my weight loss so far, but I’ve been so tired this week I haven’t had the energy to do anything once I get home from work. I can’t seem to get a good night’s rest, so I have to take a short nap during the day. This usually helps, but this week my energy level has been so low. I know that once I get into a regular routine with exercising my energy level will go up, but I’m having a problem getting there. What works for helping to give you guys the energy you need to make it through the day?



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    Make sure you are getting plenty of water. Whenever I am have low energy it is almost always because I haven't had enough water. That said, there are a lot of times I think I have no energy, but once I start working out it comes out of nowhere. Those endorphns kick in and I do way more than I thought I had the energy for. Good luck!
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    Small Steps should help....don't think about having to do an hours work out at the gym or you wont even get started. Think about a short walk...15 mins around the block?....sometimes when i start i do more than i think i could ,but when i'm feeling tired i don't set too big a goal or i will just sit on the sofa and do nothing. Every second helps as you are burning extra calories. Hope that helps xxxx
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    I agree with Heather! Drink TONS of water and Working out creates positive endorphins that make you happy and energetic! So working out is one way to fuel your energy... I would also make sure you arent eating massive amounts of sugar! SUGAR is SOOOO BAD for your energy levels. If you cut it out you will quickly notice how much energy you have. I would also up your fruits and veggies. those will give you energy too!
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    Definitely set short term goals. They don't have to be weight related either. One goal could be to do some form of exercise for 20 minutes a day or even just 3-5 days a week to start. Tracking your foods and exercise on MFP, for me, is a great motivation too. I love putting in my exercises and seeing the calories I burned added back into my count! I also allow my self a treat a day. I know me and if I don't allow myself that I will binge on something at some point.
    On a day where I really mess up, I have the attitude of "Tomorrow will be better". I guess what I am trying to say is forgive yourself. We're all only human!!
    I LOVE my elliptical!!!!! I can go on that thing forever it feels like some nights. (I'm an after 6p.m. exerciser) It burns os many calories and I am never sore afterwards. I also go to Zumba classes 2-3 times a week.
    I have been tired at nights this week as well. I've been fighting a cold and making the excuses to not exercise. To compensate, I've been not allowing myself to treat myself but more than once a day. Also, I've been have really light dinners so as to not hit all the calories alowed. I find when I do exercise I have more energy and sleep better. Also, taking my vitamins (something else I have been forgeting this week!) is a huge help! I take the One a Day Women's Metabolism Boosting vitamin, Super B vitamin, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin C, and an antioxidant vitamin.
    Definitely keep on MFP each day! It realy helps!!!!!!!! Add epole as friends for teh encouragement and advice. It works!! Feel free to add me!!
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    take a multi vitamin and fish oil pills everyday it'll improve everything including energy :)
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    Start taking B12....It gives u energy:)
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    Maybe go get a test done to see what essential nutrients are missing in your body, generally people ESPECIALLY women are low in Vitamin D that is what makes you happy and energetic, Some people will say to take B12, but if your vitamines are imbalanced then it will be dangerous! so Go get your blood work done to see what you are low in, its super simple and SUPER helpful!
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    Thank you everyone for the advice. I actually did start taking a multivitamin and fish oil about a year ago or so. I was also taking other supplements, but cut back on those one time when I was sick and didn’t start taking them again (maybe I should). Also, I will admit years ago I did not drink any water…my day’s worth of liquid consisted of two cups of coffee and sometimes iced tea. Now, I make sure that I have at least 6 cups of water a day and really try to strive for 8. With each step, my energy levels have improved…hopefully once I exercise regularly, it will get better yet. Hopefully I’m just having a bad week and can get over this hump.

    Another thing is sugar…that one is hard. They don’t want you to use artificial sweeteners, but to have everything with full sugar is too much. Yogurt, soups, everything has so much sugar in it! I’ve been able to cut sugar out of some things (like my coffee and getting low-sugar preserves), but I’m still not able to keep my sugar to 24 grams a day.
  • For me sleep at night is the most important to keep me going. Because I am not used to working out my body aches and keeps me from sleeping well. I try to take some ibuprofen an hour before bed and I sleep better. I use an elliptical also and it tends to cause leg cramps at night sometimes. Don't laugh too hard when I tell you this, just try it. I put a plain bar of ivory soap in an old sock and put it in my sheets by my legs and it keeps most of the cramps away.
    Electolytes are important also. I need to remember this so I replenish my own with powerade (lower in sodium than gatorade). You feel somewhat dizzy and weak if you do not replenish them.
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    Thank you everyone for your support! The advice you gave me got me motivated again...and because I felt motivated, I had the energy I needed to make it through the day. And, I even exercised when I got home. Woo hoo!!