I'm the pickiest eater in the world.

So, a year ago I lost 25 pounds eating nothing but cereal for breakfast, salads for lunch, and grilled chicken for dinner. Then I just got so tired of eating the same thing I began to cheat here and there until ulitmately, I gained like 8 pounds back. I know there are variety of things to eat but I'm so damn picky. I don't seem to like any vegetable, or fish and although I'll force myself to eat these things sometimes, what ends up happening is I don't eat the whole thing, end up hungry again and eating something unhealthy. My doctor told me to eradicate all carbs from my diet but I find that gives me a headache which makes me turn to carbs inevitably. So, how can I keep a balanced diet where eating doesn't become a dreadful chore?


  • Valtishia
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    My husband is the same way.. he only really eats salad and carrots for veggies.. but he will eat mixed veggies if I prepare them in food. His fave is when I make homemade honey garlic (literally honey mixed with fresh garlic and done up in the pan) with veggies and chicken breast. Play around with stuff you do like.. then maybe in the future you can convince yourself to try new things altogether. :)
  • cheangela
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    Do you like smoothies? I sneak spinach into the blender just to get extra veggies into my belly :-D.

    Eradicating processed carbs = awesome. Depriving yourself of all carbs is not only unhealthy but counter productive. Rock that stir fry!
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    i use to be the same...salad to me was iceberg lettuce, cucumber and carrots...it's taken years and years but as i slowe=ly tried new things i discovered there are other things i like...and some of the things i hated i now enjoy...broccoli...and yes there are still lots of things i don't like....raw tomatoes...

    my trick to eat healthier is super dicing less enjoyed / liked vegetables into pasta sauce...spinach, onions, celery, and now even canned tomatoes...it gets me eating better without feeling like i am
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    and yes there are still lots of things i don't like....raw tomatoes...


    I eat tomato sandwiches, just tomato on toast with a little mayo.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys! @Cheangela, thanks for the smoothies idea I think I wouldn't mind that. You're right about the carbs too so I haven't completely eliminated them but eating them in smaller portions.