Keeping sugar in check...

How do you guys keep your sugar in check? When looking at my calorie counter, it’s always the sugar that I have a problem with. I was able to severely cut my sugar intake with my morning coffee (from over 30 to 6 grams). I’ve also switched to low sugar oatmeal and low sugar preserves, but my sugar intake still goes over 24 grams for the day. Just my banana alone is half that. I don’t want to supplement with artificial sweeteners because now I’m hearing that you shouldn’t have too much of that either, if any at all. I noticed that most of my sugar intake is with breakfast and snacks. Can anyone tell me what low sugar food you eat to keep your intake in check?



  • kelika71
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    I don't even track sugar and I'm a Diabetic. Fruits, in moderation, are fine. It's the processed stuff that should be limited/avoided. I just track carbs of the sugar on MFP.

    From what you're saying you're doing, I wouldn't worry too much about it. :)
  • stanvoodoo
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    Same here, don't track and I'm diabetic too.
  • MommyRobot
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    I've switched to sugar free flavored cream in my coffee. It's yummy with no sugars!
  • eillamarie
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    Buy quick oats (zero sugar, & takes only 5-10 minutes to make on the stove!). And don't worry about going over your sugar because of fruit, your body doesn't have a problem digesting the sugars in fruit like it does digesting processed sugars.
  • christinacherrelle
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    I keep my sugar in check by avoiding it! Well, I still enjoy fruits because they are a more natural sugar, but I don't eat foods with more than a couple grams of sugar, and definitely don't consume anything with artificial sweeteners because those are simply bad for you. My diet is very clean but I like it this way, I have truly adapted to a lifestyle with virtually no sugar, or should I say added sugar (residual is common in things such as yogurt). Allergies and random ailments have all but dissapeared. I feel better overall, no weird energy crashes etc. Once a week I undulge in anything I may be craving, however, so I don't feel deprived. Crazy thing is, once you follow a plan like this long enough your body doesn't crave sweets the way it used to! Coming from a true "foodie" I can testify to that!

    Good luck in your less-sugar quest :-)
  • minni2906
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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about your sugar too much. Especially since half of it is a banana. It's the added sugars you should stay away from, chocolates, cupcakes, etc. Natural sugars in fruits aren't nearly as bad as the added sugars in cookies and cakes.
  • Dragonfly1996
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    I have the same problem - most of mine comes from fruit & I try to limit that to a max of 3 pieces a day. MFP can't tell the difference between good & bad sugar. I have tried to stop worrying about it for now & review in a few weeks. As long as u know u haven't eaten something bad!! I sometimes have 2 hard boiled eggs for brekkie & that puts me right over on cholesterol straightaway but I know eggs are ok in moderation & they have the good cholesterol!! Not sure if that helps but u aren't alone!! Good luck tho :0)
  • beesareyellow
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    I don't track my sugar, and I am diabetic as well. My dietitian wants me to track my carbs, that's much more important and sugar is a carb anyway. So. I would be double tracking the same thing if I counted both.
  • christinacherrelle
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    I agree bees, though I am not diabetic I follow a lower carb diet and have seen results both with loss and maintenance. Scientifically your body pulls energy from fat instead of glucose which is why it works, but more than that I prefer not to overload on carbs throughout the week. They make me feel slugglish and tired. It's also about WHAT you eat, not just specific food groups.
  • 0mega60
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    hey gang ....i had same problem for 6 months ...found myself preentering my meals in MFP day before so i could plan and fight my sugar #......i replaced sweet tooth with bananas to get me the potassium for day...and protein drink like EAS....low sugar ,high protein and sweet fix...keep my juice to one ounce shots...but variety
  • mmfortin
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    I , too, am diabetic type1 for 48 yrs and I wear a pump, I think it is important to watch all foods when you are dibetic, as grains and fruits and veggies can affect blood glucose levels. I eat pretty much the same foods day after day. I eat steel cut oats or old fashioned oats and I use fruit, walnuts and flax seed to make a breakfast that keeps my BG level even and my stomack full. Eating a is fine art and I am encouraged by having minimal problems with diabetes this long. I wish you the best !
  • Izumimon
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    Can anyone recommend a good maximum/goal for daily non-fruits sugars? I'm okay with cutting down because it seems like it's a problem area for me, but cutting it -out- is another story altogether especially since I am a big milk drinker and I have a sweet tooth.

    I think I'll have an easier time if I have a solid number to stay under.
  • kevanos
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    sugar is a simple carb. You want most of your carbs to come from complex carbs, I guess that`s why there is and option to track sugar. If you eat too much sugar then you will have to cut back on complex carbs, and that is just not eating very balanced.

    The important things is to track your cals/carbs/protein and fat.
  • kimmerroze
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    You should track your sugar...

    What they mean is that you shouldn't track your healthy sugars, like your sugars from natural fruit, or whole grains, or oatmeal. As long as you are eating healthy sugars you will be good. Instead track your processed foods, they are the ones that contain the bad sugars like high fructose corn syrup and other syrups, these are what you want to watch out for. artificial sweeteners aren't really that good for you either. although they are better than eating tons of real sugar.

    Lots of people like Stevia or honey or brown sugar. those are natural sugars, that will sweeten your food NATURALLY without being processed.

    If you posted this post because you are trying to increase your energy you should also try to stay away from Bleached flours.. these are just as bad...

    also try to stay away from preservatives.... the more REAL ingredients that come first on the ingredient label the better.... don't let it frustrate you, don't get discouraged. Take it one day at a time. Try getting your breakfast healthier, and then once you have a few good breakfast recipes then start working on getting your lunches super healthy.... it takes time to become a master of label reading! haha NO WORRIES !

    For now;
    Try getting sugar free all natural oatmeal and then sweetening it yourself with a tablespoon of honey or brown sugar...

    try things like that...

    YOU SHOULD TRACK YOUR SUGARS.... your BAD SUGARS! don't let it lead you a stray!
  • kevanos
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    I don`t understand why people suggest you don`t track the sugar you eat from fruit. The sugar from table sugar or from fruit sugar are not very different, the difference is that you get fibre and nutrients along with sugar when you eat fruit.

    table sugar, milk sugar, fruit sugar are all jsut simple carbs, and should be consumed in moderation.
  • daisymae9801
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    I'm in Atkins induction and I usually eat between 1-5 grams of natural occuring sugar (usually from tomatoes and lettuce). It really is possible to be sugar free! Morning is coffee with heavy whipping cream (no sweetener), eggs, and cheese. Lunch is a salad with homemade salad dressing (Atkins website has great lemon viniagrette) with chicken and tomatoes. I also might have a lettuce wrap with turkey and 1/2 an avocado. The avocado has a couple grams of sugar, but it's natural. Dinner is an Atkins recipe soup or a grilled chicken breast with some brocolli or other veggies. End it with a dark cherry sugar-free Jell-O.
  • mmfortin
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    Kev, we change almost all foods we eat into sugar (fuel) in our body and for diabetics it is important to have a balance of all carbs and other food groups. Yes forcusing on complex carbs is critical and non white foods and whole grains is a great way to do it. I agree with much of what you are saying, it is just different and more difficult for those of us with diabetes.
  • mursey
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    Does no one like to use Stevia? I'm not diabetic but I do low carb and low sugar anyway. I use Stevia in everything, coffee, desserts, home made iced tea, homemade lemonade. .. anything.