a thought i wanted to share...

This journey isn't going to be easy...sometimes it will be downright hard. We will stumble, we will fall, but the reality is what happens when we do fall. Getting back up, dusting ourselves off and continue on the trek is the only way to get there. Having great friends to help us up when we stumble makes the journey easier. This isn't a short term commitment, its a life long commitment. Motivation, hard work, and discipline is what is going to get us there. That and a few good friends along the way can't hurt :) I love to give kudos, but I love to get them too, I need more friends who actually give encouragement.

If you do too, send me a friend request, but if you aren't good about giving encouragement, please save yourself the effort. I don't mean to sound harsh at all, I just need to get as good as I give! :)


  • kaveril422
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    I try to comment and stuff, because I know how great it feels to have a rough day or a down fall, and then have someone tell you it's okay, and just keep going, or congratulate you on the little accomplishments. Thanks for being a great friend:smile:
  • mamichulany
    Very nice thought. Wish you the best. We all need motivation and support in our lives in every aspect. Sad that we don't all look out for each other that day. People can be so harsh and quick to judge us based on the way we look. Well, I hope you continue to benefit from MFP and reach your goals. You are right, its hard. Its a journey.
  • ♥_Ellybean_♥
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    Encouragement is what will lead us to success... it's always nice to have someone at the finish line and on the side lines cheering you on. Nice thought, thanks for sharing.
  • JuneGem6471
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    Kaveril, you do wonderful at encouragement! You are doing wonderful

    To me, it doesn't matter if we know each other personally or not, recognition is wonderful either way. I think all to often we don't get what we need from those closest to us anyway. All too often they have seen us try and give up and are just expecting it to happen again. Let's show em!