Need advice on HRM.

So I'm pretty sure I want to purchase a Heart Rate Monitor and I will probably purchase it from amazon. I looked into it today and wow - I had no idea there were so many out there and I really don't know which one to purchase. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? I would love to keep it under $50 if possible. However -I don't want to buy something cheap that won't work properly so if I need to spend more I will.

Suggestions appreciated!! Thanks!


  • mjf0461
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    I just got my Boflex HRM in today, it was right at 60 w/shipping.. It is a good monitor with a chest strap.Hybrid Rate Monitor..
  • new_me_9_67
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    Omron makes a pretty decent one for just under $50
  • EdgeChic
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    I have a Schwinn XT or something like that, I paid a whopping $20 for it on a bargain site. They are under $50 I believe on Amazon though. I LOVE IT. I do not want something complicated, I'm not tech saavy. I just start my chrono and it tracks my calories in my memory for me.

    That said, if you want something a little more fancy, this really isn't good. It doesn't track much but I find it to be very comfortable and does what I need it to.
  • Caroline9252
    Check out Ebay - Thats where I got mine (polar) and I love it and it was $109.00 new, but I only had to pay $50.00 :)
  • Minnie_Moo
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    I have a Polar F3 HRM that I got awhile back, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. It doesn't do everything that the new ones (such as FT7 / FT40 / FT4) do but it works for me. It came with the chest strap which I have read is more accurate than just a wristwatch HRM types.

    I bought my Polar HRM and recently my Omron pedometer at heartratemonitorsusa dot com which usually offers free shipping and other specials which help you out with the total cost :smile:

    Also if you search online, there are online codes that you may be able to use as well on their site. :wink:

    Good Luck !