Tips for Calorie counting here

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So, I just listed a salad in my food diary. I'm literally eating a green salad with lettuce, carrots, onion, green and red pepper, cucumber. The first "Salad" option I clicked on said it was 350 calories I know that's not right. The second option said 17 calories. I'll leave them both on for a while and open my diary. How do you know which foods listed actually match what you are eating?


  • QueenofCups
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    I always enter every ingredient, just to be sure.
    It's time consuming, but you can also add it as a recipe and then save it - so when you make the same salad over and over you can just add the recipe instead of every item again.
  • kmunis
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    I know it sounds more labor intensive, but your best bet is to list all the individual items in your salad. Every "salad" is different. The one with 350 calories must include dressing or blue cheese or something else high in calories. I would recommend that you enter the type of lettuce and how much, how much carrots, onions, etc to be sure you get a calorie count that is accurate.
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    Agree with 2 previous posts, i list every ingredient =]
  • togden
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    i list every ingredient separately or i buy salad in a bag so i can use the nutritional information on the back
  • deeharley
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    Thanks, everyone. I'll have to think about making a few recipes of my own, then. Because one of the things I liked here is that I could point and click. But I guess it just isn't going to be that easy. :) So far, everything I had posted seemed very close to what I knew to be true, but that 350 calorie salad threw me for a loop.
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    Hey D! I add "ingredients" too...doesn't take too long. Then I "found" the recipe option and entered my smoothie into that so now I only have to click on my "smoothie"...Have fun!