DEEP thigh bruise workouts?

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At judo today I took an accidental but sharp knee to my thigh. My thigh immediately tightened up. I am in significant discomfort (most people call that pain) I am even considering advil...which I don't consider often. It hurts to walk but I can and stairs bite. It takes a lot of massaging etc, which by the way induces that significant discomfort, I can manage to reach my foot to do the standing thigh stretch. You know the kids call it the flamingo stretch.

What to I do for my next few workouts...this won't derail me.


  • If you suffered a bruise, you should let your muscle recover before working out again. Depending on the severity of the injury, this could mean a few days to a few weeks. I know that I took a high-speed thigh impact playing football and was out for a month until I could recover enough to play. Just play it by ear and keep in mind that if it is hurting a lot, maybe you should take a few days break on the leg workouts.
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    Are you icing it? I'd definitely get some ice on it and perhaps a wrap to help with the swelling. The first 24 hours are your window of opportunity to keep the bruising to a minimum. I do Taekwondo and had a HUGE six inch long bruise down my shin from sparring that I iced the first two days and wrapped/elevated the first night. It was still pretty ugly and tender but it wasn't as sore as it could have been I think and I was still able to workout with it. I just made sure to listen to my body and if I started doing something that made it scream I stopped and switched tactics. Hope you heal fast!
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    Did you try swimming?....someone give me some good workouts keep me sane and grounded..
  • Honestly, I think that you know what you can and cannot do! You mentioned you can stretch and walk so if you feel like judo tomorrow will be too much, take a brisk walk!! I love working out as well so I understand what you are going through. I would also take the Advil!! It will helo decrease the swelling and possibly take the discomfort away long enough for you to take a walk or jog, or even take your judo class.
    Again, dont push too hard but you also know what your body can handle!!
    Best of Luck!!
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    LOL, I understand that BUT you don't want to risk causing a more severe injury that could debilitate you for an even longer period.

    You are a mom, what would you tell your kids to do?
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    Could this be a charley horse? Take a few days off, then ease back into things.
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    Thanks for the replies. I do judo on thursdays and sats so I have some time for that but I am a runner...when I CAN'T run it makes me, elevating and took the advil.

    Good thing my partner tonight is a great kid who has some real talent despite being only a few months into the sport. Her intensity and natural skill are inspiring...even if she is much younger and much bigger than me.
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    I recently had trauma to my thigh and hip region due to a fall. I have had pain off and on since Jan. 10..... As I increased my intensity level my pain got worse, even with my inner thigh and lower abs. Come to find out after a doctor visit and a visit to the Physical Therapist I incurred trauma to the SI Joint which caused a misalignment of the muscle within the hip, thigh, low back, and lower abs, thus the pain. I was told to do water aerobics, but only do the movements that don't cause pain. My therapist says that with 2 sessions a week I should only need a few weeks to heal up. It is slowly feeling better. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! There are some great stretches out there for the thighs..I do a few with my issue my self.
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