We all love our family but...

Don't they make it hard to stick to your diets sometimes? I wish my Puerto Rican family would understand that just because I've cut off rice and beans and tostones (fried plantains) does not mean I'm starving myself. It's almost amusing when they try to tempt me with these meals and say salads aren't real food. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to put my family down but I just wish they'd understand that this isn't just about losing weight, but making healthier choices.


  • I know the feeling! My parents sometimes bring in a big bucket of lawn clippings and ask if they should put it in the fridge for me.

    Sure they tease me about my salad but I know that they will be proud when I am a skinny little horse rider like they were.
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    Tell me about it. It's so annoying.
  • eeeekie
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    Life Style Change not a diet.

    I correct my family ALL the time whenever they say "Oh yeah forgot you're on a diet". No, I'm not "on a diet"...I've changed my way of eating and it's a forever life change not a 30 day change to lose a couple pounds.
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    My hubby brings home pizza and it kills me. He could eat the entire thing and lose weight. Me on the other hand, I look at it a gain lol!
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    OMG! I cannot imagine having to deal with that!!! How horrible!!! ;-(
  • I'm experiencing this as well. My family gets together for big meals on a weekly basis. They don't understand how frustrated I am with my weight gain, and by them preparing unhealthy, over-portioned meals for get-togethers does not help me either. I am not getting much encouragement from my loved ones. I know most of the blame is on me, as I don't have alot of self control when it comes to my eating habits. But pressuring me to "eat more", or "have dessert" is only making it harder for me. I feel like they are big part of my weight gain problem, but when it comes to trying to lose the weight, I am on my own!
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    or how about the mother inlaw sending home a plate of her AMAZING brownies with my husband....He walked in with them and I about fell over. But I resisted! Then sent them with my sister to take to her work :)
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    These stories of family members tempting members amaze me. And the lawn clippings story? That's downright cruel! Stick around here for folks that understand, encourage, and support. Lawn clippings . . . oughta call the abuse hotline (gypsy walks away looking down & shaking head)

    They Are Not The Ones Doing Good Things For Themselves!!!

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    I am going to be living at home for the summer (otherwise I'm on my own at school) and I just know I will get reamed out for wanting to purchase my "snooty food" at the grocery store, and be told that my choices are offensive. Apparently it's a personal attack on my parents to choose skim milk over their 2%, or to not eat meat. Loooking forward to it!
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    Choices are offensive!?! Are they able to conceive that maybe, just maybe, their choices are offensive to You? A big piece of beefsteak used to be mouth-watering years ago but is disgusting today. you've got the right attitude, thetrishwarp, maybe their consciousness will rise a bit in response to your example! (gypsy still muttering about the lawn clippings . . .)

    Let Your Light Shine!!!

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    haha I almost had a backwards experience. I do agree it is a lifestyle change,so that being said I don't ALWAYS eat salad.Anyways a few weeks ago at school I decided I would have my protein for lunch and salad for supper. I got a grilled chicken burger from the cafeteria. My classmate just stared at me. as I went to bite into it she said "I thought you were one of them healthy people-didn't think I'd ever see you eat a burger"
  • I know what you mean! I get told to 'lighten up' on my food choices. I wonder if they realize how I got 'fat' in the first place? Sometimes I really have to bite my tongue so that I am not saying things like, "Yea, look how far that has gotten you" or "Looked in the mirror lately?" LOL... I mean, I know those are very nasty things to say but when your own family members aren't supportive of your lifestyle change, I think that's pretty mean and nasty too. I am finding that I am much stronger because of them. The bigger the battle, the bigger the win!
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    food is my mothers love language!!
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    I understand. It's also very hard when you go to a dinner & can't find much that is healthy to eat, or in your diet plan. =)