Pics to motivate myself :]

aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
Starting measurements (as of February 2010, 2 months into my working out and lifestyle change - so not sure of actual starting #s) -

Waist: 34"
Hips: 45.5"
Body Fat: 32.3%
Abs/Stomach: 38"
Left thigh: not sure... was being measured in a different area, then switched measurers! But, starting a couple months ago was 27"
Right thigh: same ^
Left arm: same as thighs. different part of my arm was measured but started a couple months ago at 14.5 or so
Right arm: same ^


Waist: 30" (went up and down a few times but am finally down and keep going down)
Hips: 42.25" (didn't start losing hips for 4 months, stalled again and finally am losing again)
Body Fat: 28.6%
Abs/Stomach: 35"
Left thigh: 26.5"
Right thigh: 26.25"
Left arm: 13.5"
Right arm: 13.75"


November 2009 - weight unknown


161 and losing inches steadily! :happy:

Other than physical difference, I'm building muscle in places I've never had muscle! I can't wait to have all the fat gone and be able to SEE what I've been building for so long! :bigsmile: I've also been able to decrease my 5k time since I first ran one last November. I ran/walked it in 43:30 then and I'm down to 39:07 now! I'm not necessarily running MORE but I AM running faster and I'll take that.

I've lost a good 2 pant sizes and 2 or more shirt sizes. That blue shirt was a Target L and now I'm fitting into Target Ms ... was also wearing XLs in other shirts and can typically fit into ANY M :D Those black pants fit like 14s and they were super tight. I can still wear them but have to wear a belt and am wearing Old Navy 10s. The dress in the pic is a junior 11 and I bought it a week before that pic & it fit perfectly...the night I wore it, it was already getting too big. Probably won't get to wear it again! :sad: Who wants it?! lol


  • SongbirdLandy
    SongbirdLandy Posts: 188 Member
    You look AMAZING! Great job!!!! Congrats!!!
  • You look beautiful!!!!
  • Your before is where I am at now. You look fabulous - what an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. :flowerforyou:
  • grover0ca
    grover0ca Posts: 568 Member
    You look fabulllllllllllllllllllllllous!!!
    Love the dress :)
  • kikix5
    kikix5 Posts: 187 Member
    Congrats, you are looking so good! Keep up the good work!
  • dlaplume2
    dlaplume2 Posts: 1,658 Member
    Nice job!!!
  • susanswan
    susanswan Posts: 1,194 Member
    Remember when your clothes didnt fit and it was miserable? Now it is Happy TIme! Yea!! Get to buy more clothes! WHo wants the old fat ones anyway?? GOOD FOR YOU!
  • JettD3
    JettD3 Posts: 14 Member
    A pure knockout!!!! Keep it up!!!
  • Awesome job!!
  • KELM0710
    KELM0710 Posts: 147 Member
    Truly inspiring!!! You look incredible!!! Awesome job! :):) I cant wait til I can say my clothes are too big :happy:
  • ItsTerriC
    ItsTerriC Posts: 436 Member
    You look amazing! Your hard work is paying off!
  • Newfiedan
    Newfiedan Posts: 1,517 Member
    that is fantastic way to go girl. You should be an inspiration to your fellow women on here.
  • You look great. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing!!
  • SammieGetsFit
    SammieGetsFit Posts: 432 Member
    That's truly awesome! You looked happy and confident before, but the "after" pic is eons beyond that. Your eyes say that you know you've done a damn good job, and you have. Keep it up! And thanks for posting these inspiring pictures!!
  • Wow!!! You look fabulous!
  • wow that is soooo awesome girl :D keep it up girly :D you doing great :D
  • ka_42
    ka_42 Posts: 720 Member
    Good job, Arielle! You look awesome.. keep it up :)
  • brayaddie
    brayaddie Posts: 101 Member
    Nice!! You look Amazing =) Keep it up!
  • Coco_Puff
    Coco_Puff Posts: 823 Member
    Keep doing what you're doing, you look great!!! Yesterday after you helped post my before and after pics for me, my son saw your picture and thinks you're a hottie!
  • HilarieXcore
    HilarieXcore Posts: 214 Member
    You look amaaazing!!
    I'd totally give that dress a nice loving home :D
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