3/13/11 30 day shred ppl

For those of you who started the 30 day shred with me on 3/13/11 how goes it?! I have not done so well with it to be honest... I have done it about every other day if not less. I am disappointed in myself but I am deteremined to get back on track. Every ten days we are supposed to level up and today is about day 14 give or take depending on when some people started. This means that everyone should be on level 2.

I can mke it through the jumping jacks without stopping. The drawback has been my knees and wrist, I cannot fully do the exercising or some days i cannot even wlk because my knee is swollen :grumble:

I literally wanted to dance when i made it thru alll the jump roping without dying. the only way I can do it though is to jump in circles... it looks silly but i can keep up with their pace!

Have you noticed a difference since starting?

What has been a drawback?

What are some NSV that you have accomplished?


  • RTricia
    RTricia Posts: 720
    I've been on point with the 30Day Shred exercises from March 1st - BUT

    with only a few days left to go, I haven't lost any pounds nor I have lost any inches.....

    I can say that I'm stronger... and my arms are more solid... I guess I should have taken pictures at the beginning of the month but to be honest, I dont think there is much of a change.

    I wish I could say like so many others, that I'd lost a few inches or a few pounds... but I can't. :-(
  • Seesaa
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    i started not long before you. I've taken a few rest days cause i've now added bowling to my work out routine lol 2-3 hours straight on the weekend and that does my arm and back in for sure but i'm doing alright. rest days are alright considering the muscle training. I think I might be ready to move up to level 2 at almost half way through the 30 days. might try it tomorrow lol if i got the guts to other wise i'll be doing level one.
  • ksumm21
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    I started on the 13th as well but I'm a few days off because I went and got a foot tattoo which stopped me for a few days until it healed. So I'll be on level two by the end of the week. I too haven't lost any weight yet, but I have lost two inches from my waist. And I do feel that my arms and thighs are much stronger. But I still find that I can't do the push ups for the entire time that she does them. I usually have to stop a few seconds before she does, however, that's way better than when I started because then I couldn't do even 1 haha. :-)
  • marielenrdz
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    Just wanted to chime in! I started this workout earlier this month and have noticed some definition in my abs and some tightening all over. I would alternate levels instead of sticking to one level at a time. It really kicked my butt each time!! I would go advanced for as much as I could but used the modified version on more than one exercise.

    The only reason I stopped was that I was noticing a strange burning pain on my left side under my ribcage that would hit me only when I moved.....never the same movement, just randomly. For instance, while I was walking I turned back because I thought I heard a dog bark and I felt it. Or once I reached up to pull the covers over myself in bed and felt it...just random movements. Anyway, went to see Dr and he said I had floating ribs and probably injured my muscle as a result of the strenuous exercise!

    Has anyone else heard of this? Anyway, I stopped for about a week, but would like to get back into it. I'm just a little wary now because of this floating rib, thing!
  • abbigail_r
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    I joined with you!! Because of my busy life I cant do it everyday but I do most days. At day 12 I had not seen weightloss or inch loss =( And to be honest that has almost killed my motivation. I did start level 2 but find it odd doing all those plank exercises lol. I have noticed that I now am able to do 15 pushups in a row and that makes me proud. I cant do the jumprope or the buttkicks very well due to shin splints but I replace it with kindof gentle skipping for jumpropes and kneelifts for the buttkicks and its better. On saturday my shin splints were so bad that I had to stop after one session. I have been dong extra workouts now after shred because I feel the need. So today I will be back on track. I have missed a total of about 5 days since the beginning. So I will keep going and see what happens.