Anyone doing sweatin to the oldies?

If so, what should I put it under for exercise?


  • shaunarlr83
    shaunarlr83 Posts: 374 Member
    I love it I log it as low impact bc that is what Richard calls it lol
  • mandycox1301
    Maybe like dancing.......I love him. I have disco sweat!!! I cant stand looking at size 0 girls while I work out!!!
  • kaylynn54
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    I was going through my old videos and dvd's and came across my Sweatin' To The Oldies vhs tape (yes, some of us actually still have vhs tapes) :smile: I remember that when I stuck with exercising with Richard every day, I actually lost weight, so I am going to give it another try. Yes, it's true that it isn't a high intensity type of exercise, but when you get my age, you don't exactly need high intensity!!! Okay Richard, I am going to give you another try and we will see how it goes.
  • summaryzn
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    I just found and did mine as well - while I have to admit i LOVE ZUMBA AND ITS nooo ZUMBA the similar concept (fun, good music and distracting enough to keep you from watching the clock) it helps on days when you are really not in the mood to work out. I am just starting to 'move again' and realize I may need to keep it nearby for 3 of 5 day s- Im still in the NOT in the mood zone. I looged as dancing aerobics and compared those calories burned to low impact aerobics and there is only a 12 cal difference (299 vs 311) so I think either will suffice. FAct is I did sweat just a little bit but I did get my heart rate up. LOL I forgot just how cheesy RS is but "oh how i love him". He is the ONE fitness person I can remember making a dvd with 'big ppl' If that isnt motivation I don't know WHAT IS!
  • kathysrevenge
    I am new to myfitnesspal, but I already love it! I didn't realize how much TOO MUCH was...except for the 20 pound weight gain in three years!

    Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies: I do it every other day. I have added it to my exercise at 200 calories of cardio. That way, if I burn more, I'm just ahead of this game!

    Kathy in Hollywood