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Is a calorie always just a calorie???

Shandke Posts: 116 Member
ok here's my a calorie always just a calorie? What I mean is, does it matter (other than nutrients) where you get calories? If I eat my allotment of calories in chocolate chip cookies or by eating them via broccoli....what is the difference? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I have a tendancy to snack....but my calories are always right around my goal....and yet the weight is NOT coming off? So.....


  • healthyandthin
    healthyandthin Posts: 104 Member
    Nutrition is the difference.
  • christina_michelle
    You need the essential vitamins that boost your metabolism.
    these are found in vegetables and fruits.

    If you dont get them then you are basically screwed on metabolism.
    because they function your muscles, blood flow, and digest the carbs, fat, and protein...well at least provide the essential nutrients to the organs that do that so you dont slack.

    I learned this in nutrition. Simple sugars are different then complex
  • elliecolorado
    elliecolorado Posts: 1,040

    Overall, nutrition wise it probably isn't good for your health, but theoretically you should be able to lose weight by just staying under your calorie goal. Not that I would personally try this method, but it was an interesting article.
  • cast59
    cast59 Posts: 77 Member
    Well it is. 1 calorie vs 1 calorie. Just remember that some calories are healthy and some arent.
    you could fill your day with just sugar and lose weight. But in the long run you might be skinny but not healthy.
    A balanced diet is the best. Get your fruits and veggies in there too.
    Hope this helps. Good luck
  • mgreen10
    mgreen10 Posts: 229 Member
    no, a calorie is not a calorie. the quick explanation is, getting your calories from things you need like proteins, veggies, fruit, allows your organs to function properly so that you can burn off excess fat. if you get all your allotment from unhealthy things, you will not be getting what you need and will likely have bad hair, skin, feel tired, hungry, moody, and not lose weight in a healthy way. your body needs certain nurtients to function properly, think of it as a car the needs premium gas. if you keep giving it regular it will slowly begin to die.
  • atomdraco
    atomdraco Posts: 1,083 Member
    Yes, it's big difference. High fat, high sugar diet won't get you healthy. You won't have energy, and will feel hungry much faster, etc. If you have a chance, go watch "Super Size Me". He's not just got fat over 30 days fat & sugar diet, he's organs are failing too.
  • oliviawink
    oliviawink Posts: 713 Member
    there are some other factors that can be in play here.
    Insulin can make a difference, so excess carbs/sugar/etc. can inhibit weightlosss.

    Salt can create what looks like a plateau for a few weeks as well, due to water retention.

    Human error can be a contributor as well. For about a month I was sure I was doing everything right, but wasn't losing anything. I re-evaluated how active my lifestyle was and started measuring/carefully monitoring my food intake. I quickly realized that I had unintentionally been taking more cals and burning less than I had thought. I find it's best to set your MFP to a sedentary lifestyle, then track your additional activity under exercise so you don't run the risk of accidentally double-counting calories burned.

    Good luck!
  • chuckyp
    chuckyp Posts: 693 Member
    If you watch "Super Size Me", make it a point to watch "Fat Head" right afterward. In "Fat Head", the author does the same 30-day fast food diet, but limits calories to a reasonable level (2000 per day). He still loses weight and improves cholesterol levels. In "Super Size Me" Morgan Spurlock had no calorie limitation and ate in excess of 5000 per day. So it really wasn't the food that caused his problems, it was the quantity. More of a propaganda film to further a political goal and encourage lawsuits against fast food chains. Not that an all fast food diet is healthy for you, but there's more to the story than just "eating fast food makes you fat and sick".
  • ashahl
    ashahl Posts: 81
    A calorie is just a calorie but unless they have equal nutritional values (Carbs, sugars, nutrients and vitamins) they will NEVER be equal.