Weight Goal Met!!!

Lunachic77 Posts: 434 Member
I'm not bragging or trying to get kudos...I'm just extremely excited about finally attaining my weight loss goal and I had to share it. Exactly 6 months ago I weighed in at 148 lbs. Now i am 33lbs. lighter and I feel fantastic. I worked hard on my what I ate and exercised accordingly. I just want to let anyone who is starting or struggling with their weight loss journey, that it is possible to achieve your goals with discipline and determination.

Thanks for your time MFP peeps!


  • AEB_WV
    AEB_WV Posts: 323 Member
    Congratualations on your accomplishment!
  • southa77
    southa77 Posts: 12
    WTG! Good for you on ataining your desired goal weight.
  • dian1227
    dian1227 Posts: 122 Member
    Congratulations hun...I'm hoping that by december of this year, I'll be posting the same thing!!

    Good luck in the future!


  • young1726
    young1726 Posts: 347 Member
    Great job!! You should be very proud of yourself! Good luck on your maintaining journey! :)
  • Lexie28
    Lexie28 Posts: 219
    Congratulations...you must be thrilled with your weight loss accomplishment :flowerforyou:
  • hyoung3
    hyoung3 Posts: 85
    Well, you certainly deserve kudos... Way To Go, Girl !!!

    I am so happy for you.... I know you must feel awesome.

    Good luck to ya and remember, we're here to help you keep it off, too !! :drinker:
  • AmyJopp
    AmyJopp Posts: 57 Member
  • :smile: Congratulations! :smile:
  • fitzie63
    fitzie63 Posts: 508 Member
    Excellent! Keep it going.
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