Long time Coming B&A Into the 130's!

meggonkgonk Posts: 2,066 Member
So, sorry for the underwear pics, but to celebrate the winding down of my weight specific goals, I thought I would post my before and afters:



And don't look now but I think my tummy is on the verge of being flat...ish. WHAT?!


  • That_Girl
    That_Girl Posts: 1,324 Member
    Excellent! You have a nice hour-glass shape!
  • debbyrae3
    debbyrae3 Posts: 200 Member
    Great job! It is on the verge of flat!!!

    What have you been doing workout wise and eating wise?

    I started at 163/164 and am now down to 155.2 (as of this A.M.) and am always open to suggestions to fix what I'm doing wrong.
  • darling_nickie
    darling_nickie Posts: 117 Member
    You look AWESOME!
  • bullmastifflover
    bullmastifflover Posts: 128 Member
    Wow, congrats...now get yourself some smaller panties! It's time! =)
  • toodleton
    toodleton Posts: 82
    great job, looking good ;0) we have similar goals....so far I have lost 18-19 lbs. but would like to lose at least 20 more!!!
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,248 Member
    Wowsah! That's an amazing figure you've got there!

    And it's not "on the verge" of flat. It's flat. And you know it! :smile:
  • meggonkgonk
    meggonkgonk Posts: 2,066 Member
    Thank you all! :blushing: And the Ab pic first posted a LOT bigger and it made my belly look a smidge bump-like, but yea, I'm gonna say flat. YAY :happy:


    Eating wise I started out using a meal plan from women's health magazine, VERY loosely basing my meals and portions on it for anything that wasn't hanging out with my BF or friends- to give me an idea of readjusting portion sizes and things I could eat on a regular basis that are healthy and to try out new recipes. I did that for about 8 months without really focusing on what my weight was, just kind of reteaching myself how to eat, getting on a schedule, relearing what to buy and resetting what I reach for on auto pilot. When I found MFP (on my birthday this year, actually :smile:) adjusting my portions so they fit to calorie goals just came so easily. I've been at about 1300 cal goal (sometimes as low as 1250, sometimes as high at 1400) pretty much since day 1, and I eat my exercise cals- if I eat them with junk, I only eat half, and if I eat them with healthy food I try to eat them all(if that makes sense). I'm not always perfect eating wise, but I like eating junk sometimes, and I love the social aspect of food (hanging out, going out, parties etc) so I just do my best to stay within my calorie goals, plan splurges as best I can and keep my run of the mill meals as healthy as possible.

    Workout wise- I started with a similar Couch to 5k (c25k) Program (also from women's health) and ever since conquering 5K's I've been running 2-4 times a week, and mixing up my other workouts (which honestly I only get in 1-3 times a week- these are usually the workouts that take a back seat to my life). Once I was done with C25k, I just began googling different race training programs and adjusting them to suit my needs. 5k, 10k even thinking about a half marathon- Craziest thing EVER.

    Best of luck to you- feel free to friend me, or check out the awesomest most supportive group ever KICKIN *kitten* IN OUR TWENTIES Our April Challenge is up now- great group!
  • VenturaGurl
    VenturaGurl Posts: 413 Member
    Wow!! And what a killer figure you have!!!! Nice work!
  • Fit4Vet
    Fit4Vet Posts: 610 Member
    Awww, Gonks, you look amazing! Great job, girlie! :bigsmile:
  • deema79
    deema79 Posts: 108
    Wonderful transformation! you look amazing
  • HiJam
    HiJam Posts: 22
    You need a trip to Victoria Secrets for some pretty new bras and panties to go with the prettier new you!
  • GalaxyDuck
    GalaxyDuck Posts: 406 Member
    Inspirational, as always! =-) You look amazing!
  • Good job dear, I am so proud of you. Keep It up I hope to look like that someday. I do have before pictures so when I get to my goal weight ill post after pics =)
  • Nice tummy!! You look great! Good work!
  • Awesome!! Oh...to have a tummy like yours!!! :smile:

  • meggonkgonk
    meggonkgonk Posts: 2,066 Member
    LOL yea you guys almost all picked up on my need for new underwear (the risk, I suppose, of underwear pics :laugh: )

    Thanks to everyone for replying! You've all made me feel so unbelievably good! (Better, even than the pics!)
  • diet45
    diet45 Posts: 392 Member
    Love the pictures!!! You look amazing!! Definitely: flat!!!!
  • dawnkitchen
    dawnkitchen Posts: 161
    Wow, love this!! Your body shape/build reminds me a LOT of mine, so I'm really inspired by this!! Thank you for posting :]
  • JoanHolly
    JoanHolly Posts: 46 Member
    You look amazing!! And I love the granny panties!! I have lost 70 lbs and am still wearing some of my BIG undies. There just so comfy. Lol.
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