Small NSVs

deeharley Posts: 1,208 Member
I have lost 7 1/2 inches in the last two months.

One inch alone was in my arms this past month - my sleeves are fitting better!

I can do 10 girly pushups.

I am drinking water almost without thinking - it's my first beverage of choice now.

That is all.


  • MB_Positif
    MB_Positif Posts: 8,897 Member
    Way to go! The small ones lead to big results and motivation :) I just posted about my week of NSV's!!!
  • beatlemom
    beatlemom Posts: 250 Member
    those are great NSV's !!!! Keep up the good work!
    INSANITY43 Posts: 142
    Good job! Keep it up.....and keep rockin' them guns! :-)
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