Want to introduce myself

luv_lea Posts: 1,094 Member
I'm not 'brand' new to this site, but have yet to introduced myself. I've been using this site for a couple months now, and have loved it! Really seemed to open my eyes to a lot of things I'd never thought about or realized before!

Looking to make friends for support, so feel free to add me if you'd like. Nice to meet you all! :)


  • cherubcrnp
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    I am new to this app...been using it for about a week. I find this very easy to use and so very helpful in tracking everything especially my protein intake which is so very important. I am from the Pittsburgh, PA area and 58 years old. It is so important to have support during weight loss. The changes in the physical appearance, learning to change eating habits along with exercise.

    Looking to make friends for support so please feel free to add me. So very nice to meet everyone:smile::smile: