lcoulter23 Posts: 568 Member
I have only been on MFP for 2 1/2 weeks, but this morning I put on a shirt that I bought on My wedding anniversary and it was tight then but it is quite loose on me now and it is only a month old! Also, the pair of drawstring pants I got for Christmas that I could barely tie up at first I now have to tie all the way until there no string left to draw tight. They are the tightest they will go and they are still loose! I've only lost 2 pounds since I started, but I know I must be doing something right and I must be losing inches. It is just a big motivator for me.


  • Missevanston
    Missevanston Posts: 361 Member
    So Happy for you! This is pretty common, I think! You really start to notice how your clothes fit, even if you aren't seeing it on the scale, yet...BUT you WILL!

    You are doing EXCELLENT WORK!!! Very proud of you, girl!!! Go get it!!!
  • carlybarley22
    carlybarley22 Posts: 197 Member
  • sculptcha
    sculptcha Posts: 163 Member
    Way to go! That's great!

    Also, I feel silly asking this, but what is "NSV"? :blushing:
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