It's Friday! What are your best features?

jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member
So as I round up another work week, I thought it would be a fun idea for everyone to list your 3 best physical features. I thought this would be fun especially since that weight loss and nutrition at times can be very hard and it's so easy to loose sight of the big picture. Finding those features about yourself that you love can be motivating. What is it that YOU love about yourself, not what others have told you. I know from experience that this can be hard because I tend to have low self esteem. (Oh...and please remember to keep this rated PG :happy: )

I think my best three features are:
My eyes
My smile
My petite hands (I had a hard time past #2 lol)


  • kristinlough
    kristinlough Posts: 828 Member
    If we're keeping it PG, those who know me know #1 ... my nose is perfect, and my smile/humor is key!
  • dancer77
    dancer77 Posts: 249 Member
    Awww this is a great idea. I don't know if I'll get to three but i'll try...

    1. my eyes. One is blue and one is hazel so they are pretty hardcore.
    2. I'm rather fond of my hands too ;)
    3. well its a blessing and a curse, but having such pale skin. It looks decent sometimes.

    sigh..made it!
  • MrsCon40
    MrsCon40 Posts: 2,351 Member
    I was just thinking about this!

    1. my eyebrows and eyelashes
    2. my neck
    3. my forearms and wrists

    how are those for RANDOM body parts?
  • woja9640
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    I would have to say that my best features are:

    1) my eyes

    2) my skin (it's ivory, no blemishes, esp. on my face)

    3) my intellect - oops since you said it had to be physical, then I would say my tiny feet. Depending on the style of shoe I can wear anywhere from 5 1/2 wide to 7.
  • savvygurl101
    savvygurl101 Posts: 37 Member
    my three best features i think are:
    1. my hair
    2. my eyes
    3. my hands
  • tarazena
    tarazena Posts: 93 Member
    You know what...this is a great idea..when do we ever think about our good things..always focusing on the bad- thighs, stomach. ; )

    My 3 good things are:
    1- My nails- they are fantastic, grow long and I do not grow cuticles.
    2- ( it's starting to get hard..wait till I have to think of #3)- um.... my teeth - their straight from many years of braces.
    3- feet? I guess.
  • mrschappet
    mrschappet Posts: 488 Member
    my smile
    my eyes
    and my butt... thats right... I have some junk in the trunk and I am proud of it LOL :laugh:
  • janiffer
    janiffer Posts: 6
    Love this!
    1. Optimism
    2. Dedication (some people call it stubborn... I call it Dedication!)
    3. Eyes
  • ejb245
    ejb245 Posts: 195 Member
    1. My calves (have always loved those)
    2. My nose (cute and slightly upturned)
    3. My waist (even when I've been big, it's been small in comparison)

    :) Happy Friday.
  • Katherine_Nelson
    Katherine_Nelson Posts: 70 Member
    Great Idea!
    I think mine are:

    - my dark hair color against my skin tone!
    - my eyes (when i have makeup on lol)
    - and im bigger but overall i am proportionate.

  • shreddingit
    shreddingit Posts: 1,133 Member
    1-my shoulders
    2-my calves
    3-my round face (keeps me looking youthful):wink:
  • Carl01
    Carl01 Posts: 9,370 Member
    I know it is supposed to be physical things and I can`t find 3 but will say at least my arms.

    The other two would be

    sense of humor (not sure everyone will agree)

    Being a loyal and caring friend.
  • PepsiGal
    PepsiGal Posts: 85 Member
    Fun thread!!

    1. My waist (always been smaller than my hips) no matter my weight.
    2. My naturally wavy hair.
    3. My lips (not too thin, not too big).
  • jessilee119
    jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member
    my smile
    my eyes
    and my butt... thats right... I have some junk in the trunk and I am proud of it LOL :laugh:

    I definitely have junk in my trunk. A lot of people say I should like the J. Lo look (Lord knows my husband does :wink: ), but I don't think I'll be proud of that asset until I loose more weight. :laugh:
  • TheGoktor
    TheGoktor Posts: 1,138 Member
    Hair, eyes,, that was easy!
  • qtwells82
    qtwells82 Posts: 352
    Well here goes....
    1. My eyes, dark brown
    2. My hair
    3. My feet....I've got some cute toes :)
  • SunLovin1
    SunLovin1 Posts: 682 Member
    Love this!

    1. My smile
    2. My legs
    3. My tushy (how's that for PG13?!)
  • My feet.

    My butt.

    My navel.
  • Heather75
    Heather75 Posts: 3,386 Member
    Physically, I would have to say my eyes, my breasts and my smile.
  • Mkleder
    Mkleder Posts: 289
    1) my bustline
    2) my waist
    3) my shoulders/ collar bones