Hormone and Success, is it possible?

I am 47 and I hit the 105 day mark this week... logging and posting everyday.. 5'4", CW160. GW 140. I lost 50 lbs 8 years ago, now some has crept back, wanting to get off 20 lbs..

In March Dr upped my Synthroid to 125 mcg, body is still adjusting to that I guess.

I started March upping my calorie intake (1260-1360), thinking I was not eating enough with my exercise burn,. But I have found that for the past three weeks I have had no motivation, tired, so I stopped my daily exercise (adjusting to new dosage of Synthroid??)...

Bottom line - 105 days - NO weight loss, actually I gained 1 lb..

I would love to hear how from others on how to be successful in weight loss with hormone issues (I am taking both estrogel and synthroid).. . If this is a plateau I what off please..

Yes, I want frank and honest responses. I know I have to get out and be more active.. All and all i pick healthy foods, I drink plenty of water... I don't overeat...

I even went as far as going to local healthstore, where I bought Total Diet Success By Renew Life, haven't started yet.. Not sure if a gimmic, has anyone tried these with success?


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    Hormones can really mess up weight control efforts. If you have a major hormonal imbalance I think you've been doing well just to maintain. Been there done that. The only HRT experience I had was to take a few weeks of progesterone to counter estrogen dominance caused by an ovarian cyst last year. It seemed to help break the cycle. So yes, I think it's possible.

    And obviously you're aware of the need to work harder at it, especially with the exercise. It might be tough at first when you just don't have the energy but keep at it and it should get better as you gain strength and lose weight.

    Good luck!